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Childcare centers have rich facilities, professional teachers, and high level of service

Bekuk22 15 / 21 3  
Oct 22, 2016   #1
Some parents think that childcare center provide the best services for children of pre-school age. Other working parents think that family members such as grandparents will be better carers for their kids. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Recently, some parents are so busy with their work choose to give to childcare, while other person argue that family will be better to look after their children. Giving children to childcare center will be batter because childcare professionals offer a better overall service than they give children to family.

The children given to their family will not be better rather children are in childcare center because family has lees knowledge to educate their children and also they are not like childcare center having many facilities to encourage educated activity for children. Besides, family tends to coddle children even more they just give affection without education. For example, Grandmother looking after grandchild like children doing mistakes or against parents should give advice in order to do the same mistake but in fact, they just impressed ignore what their children have done.

Most of parents are full time to work so that they get difficulty to give their children attention should be given for them. This tends to make their parents giving them to childcare center which they considered competent institution which can give them a better service. This is because childcare center give full facilities to encourage activity which make their children are more cultivated. Besides, they have many professional teacher educating children accurately. For example, it can imagine if institution of childcare whose teachers do not know how to teach, how to face children who is difficult to control. It is clear that this condition explains the importance of professional teachers needed by their parents to educate their children because this can improve ability and skill children.

On the whole, educating children will be better if the parents give to the childcare center because those have full facilities, professional teachers, so that the high level of service provided by daycare professionals trumps that of unqualified family members.

kiki23 37 / 64 4  
Oct 23, 2016   #2
Hi! I have some feedback for you!

On the whole, educating children will ... should be

In conclusion, children who taken care by childcare centers is better as it also serves full facilities and professional teachers that is not given by family members.
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Oct 23, 2016   #3
Hi i have feedback for your essay
>>> subject +verb agreement
>>> repetitions some words :)

Most of parents arehave full time to work so thatandtheygetdifficultytoit is difficult for them togive their take care of their children while they are workingattention should be given for them .

This tends to make theirworker parents giveingtheir kids to childcare center which ...

... childcare center gives full facilities

keep writing

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