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TOEFL; Childhood is the happiest time of a person's life - it depends...

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May 1, 2011   #1
Hello everybody. I'm a tenderfoot here and would be extremely grateful for your feedback: how would you rate this paper, what mistakes it contains, what can be improved and so on :) But anyway any feedback would be great.

There is a quite widespread idea that childhood is the happiest time of life and offsprings are the happiest people of the world owing to a branch of reasons. However some people don't think so and they have strong arguments as well. The absence of two parties is an apparent statement of the fact that everything can be considered completely different depending on standpoints.

Many people say that children are so lucky inasmuch as they don't have to care about anything. You have parents and they look after you and there are not any reasons to be anxious or concerned. Such people think: 'If I were a child I would not have to find a job or pay taxes and so on'. Children also don't care about adult issues such as politics, wars, terrorism, global warming what make them totally free from problems of today's world. Another popular reason is that everybody around loves you and try to help or show their careness. It's understandable because almost every of us has experience of helping children who were lost or are crying or want to obtain something etc. But for me the greatest argument lies in that children are extremely open-minded and interested in what is happening around them. They are something like 'tabula rosa' i.e. their are minds are empty and they fill it during their childhood and it's a reason children are so creative and capable of imagination. They literally discover the world at least for themselves.

But the coin has the other side. Being a child implies less freedom and really a lot of things depend on parents and their choice. For example a child wants to go to watch basketball but instead of it parents took them to watch tennis. Off course it significantly is up to parents and how they consider the institues of motherhood or fatherhood but it's a fact that they have a right for final decision. Furthermore in all arguments for there is an assumption with which I cannot agree and it's that being adult is dramatically boring. No, no and no! If you are an adult you can easily combine advantages of childhood and what you have today: it depends on you and your approach of thinking. Besides all arguments mentioned in the second paragraph imply that children have ideal parents and environment but we know that the real world is far server and how many children live below the line of poverty and have to work in spite of absence of sufficient knowledge and skills.

In conclusion it is possible to say that the final opinion absolutelly depends on the particular person. For some of them the childhood really is the happiest time because after that they waste their time and lives and don't want to take responsibility for themselves. At the same time for other, childhood is astounding time but other periods of life are not less amasing and great.

Thank you very much!

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