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Childhood life is the most important period

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Jun 25, 2015   #1
The early childhood is formative stage in people's life physically and emotionally . particularly, from birth to twelve years. Therefore, It is significant period to build cognitive and mental abilities .

To begin with ,brain formation is considered the most important in children life , as well as body .So families should take care of their kids and focus on their nutrition to strengthen children physically , and promote their health. Moreover, Increasing effective immune system. Consequence, It reflects on their health in future , because they will have strong immunity against infectious diseases. In addition, Children start learning especially a language and some basic information about their life in this time. So it is necessary to teach them true pronunciation to compose sentences and express about themselves. After that cognitive capacity building. Forthat, primary students learn knowledge and memories information fast. Because they are the first step in their life, and they are white paper, we can paint their future . Furthermore, boys or girls like to emulate their father or mother to gain their behaviors and accept it easily . In order to parents should raise them with values such as honesty, generosity, love other principles. On the other hand, older people who are grown with misbehaviors, it is difficult to change their ethics.

In conclusion, The early age create qualified generation to lead his nation to be better. and contribute to build their countries, and get achievements in all spheres of life. Thus families should look after and develop their talents, and provide them knowledge and offer all educational material to help them to learn more.

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Jun 28, 2015   #2
I have some small suggestions:
' Consequence , It reflects on their health in future' => Subsequently, it reflects on their health in future
'In addition , Children ' => Added to this, children begin learning a language...
anyway, your essay is great

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