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Children should be able to learn from their mistakes.

Rebecca12368 1 / -  
Oct 27, 2016   #1
In today's world, a large number of families tend to focus on their children. And some parents tend to spoil their children, while some parents choose to supervise their children strictly. Therefore, opioions are divides as whether let children make mistakes. As far as I am concerned, parents definitely should allow their children to make mistakes and learn a lesson from mistakes.

Above all, allowing children to make mistakes helps children grow up psychologically. The curious nature push them to experience new things. However, Children are too naive to shape their own values. As a result, they have no idea what to embrace and what to reject. The only they can do is to learn from mistakes. Consider this situation. Going to kindgarden for the first time, a child take others' staff without getting permission. Then the two kids fight for this. However, that kid even did not know what happened and why he was wrong. When school notice his parents, his parent did not punish him, instead, give him a lesson about honest. This, in turn, make that kid realize that he should get permission before using others' staff. Obviously, children can benefit from their mistakes.

Besides, being allowed to make mistakes, children are able to correct their behaviors actively. Some parents are sensitive about their children's mistakes. As long as they know that their children make mistakes, they choose to punish their children by using their hands instead of their words. This, in turn, makes children accept a lesson passively and be rebellious. It is no secret that this takes a toll on children's growth. Take the example of that kids again. His punished him but without communicating or educating. Will this kid learn a lesson from mistakes and act correctly in the future? I afraid not. Therefore, parents should allow the mistakes but by using an acceptable punishing approach. More importantly, they should teach their children accept their mistakes actively and positively.

It is no doubt that some mistakes led children down to the wrong path since they are not mature enough. For example, being exposed to violent movies, children have a tendency to be violent like the actors in movies. As a result, it is possible for him to behave aggresively in school. However, in this situation, parents should undertake the responsibility to decide what should be exposed to their children. Allowing children to makes mistakes bases on the supervision from parents.

In a nutshell, making and learning from mistakes occupy an vital position in the growth of children. Hopefully, more parents allow their children make mistakes and learn from it.

inav321 6 / 37  
Oct 27, 2016   #2
opinions are divides as ARE DIVIDED ON whether let children make mistakes
MFES2016 5 / 6 2  
Oct 27, 2016   #3
Let me give you some advices

>>> Therefore, opioions are divides as whether let children make mistakes. opinions divide as for whether letting the children make mistakes.
>>> The curious nature pushpushes them to experience
>>> a child taketakes others' staff without getting permission.
>>> This, in turn, makemakes that kid realize
ashelarisa48 36 / 52 4  
Oct 27, 2016   #4
Hi Rebecca!
Let me give you some feedback, hope this helps.

(1) Be careful on the spelling, it seems a small error but it is essential to write correctly. I found some error spellings like "opioions" must be "opinion" in the first paragraph, "kindgarden" must be "kindergarten" in the second paragraph, and "aggresively" must be "aggressively" in the fourth paragraph.

(2) try to avoid using "and" as the first word in a sentence because "and" is a conjunction which combines two compound sentences.

(3) A good paragraph consists of at least 3 sentences. Your last paragraph has just two sentences, so you can try to add a sentence more by developing the main idea in the paragraph.

And some parents tend to spoil ...
Therefore,opioions are divides as whether ...

Going to kindgarden for the first time,...

... possible for him to behave aggresively in school.

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