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Is children education a difficult task now because of the distraction of "evil high-tech devices"?

imets 1 / 1  
Jul 8, 2016   #1
Educating children is a more difficult task today than it was in the past because they spend so much...

Since the last century, the technology has been improving at an astonishing rate, making children spend more and more time on electronic devices such as cell phones or computers. Some parents claim that educating children becomes a difficult task in present society because of the distraction of these evil high-tech devices. Nevertheless, one problem with this view is that people ignore that these technology products actually have various educational benefits on the education of children.

Even though many parents consider online games vicious products that turn their well-rounded children into violent and aggressive rebellions, playing online games can inspire the creativity of children and speed up their reactions. In almost every type of the games, players are required to react or click on the mouse in a very short time period and use their creativity and imagination to solve some intriguing and complex tasks in order to score higher. As a consequence, children need to stay concentrated and ambitious to react instantaneously and to resolve each paradox in the games. Gradually, parents will find that their kids improve both physically and mentally.

Asides from improvement in reaction and creativity, a cell phone, especially a smart phone, can educationally benefits children in many ways, which ease the education efforts from occupied parents. For instance, parents can subscribe or downloads educative and meaningful software such as the English broadcasts channels or the vocabulary list to their children's cell phones. By doing so, children are able to access a language learning environment at any time and use their time wisely to absorb knowledge that improves their grades in schools. Therefore, I believes that cell phone is not a distraction but a effective assistance for parents to educate their beloved children.

Most importantly, with the amazing power of the social networking Web site, parents can effortlessly control not only the mental status but also the learning status of the children. Admittedly, some children may be adversely affected by bad friends through the social networking Web site. However, if parents can successfully view the recent activity of their children from these Web sites, they can get a deep insight on personal details of the children: their taste, their friends, their attitude toward news. With this information, parents can enter the mental world of the children easily and thus educate them in a positive way.

In conclusion, I believe that with the assistance of the rapid advance in technology, educating children has already become an easier task for parents nowadays because of all the convenience and advantages of cell phones, online games and social networking Web site mentioned above.

Thank you for correcting!
Ashkan1363 1 / 6  
Jul 8, 2016   #2
Children is plural : becomes =>become
Suggestion:that people ignore that these technology=> people ignore the fact that....
OP imets 1 / 1  
Jul 8, 2016   #3
Hi Ashkan,

Can the "that" in the following sentence be omitted?

Nevertheless, one problem with this view is ["that "] people ignore the fact that these technology ...

Thanks a lot!
mandy51425 3 / 3  
Jul 8, 2016   #4
Here's a mistake:
... easier task for parents nowadays because of all the convenience and advantages of cell phones, online ...

Convenience are already included in advantages.

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