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Children as a good member of a society. What are the best ways to learn about it?

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Who Should teach children to be good members of society?

A child has a selfish nature that has been inherent since they were born. Psychologists also advise to leaving a child with their selfish nature until a certain age. So that they become tough people when they get older.

According to Santoso, the definition of socialization as a social being, individuals are required to be able to overcome all problems that arise as a result of the interaction of the social environment and be able to present themselves according to the prevailing norms. So, when the child is very young, we have to understand that his social skills are not good enough. He still doesn't appreciate the people around him and he put himself first.

When he is a little older, he needs to be taught how to socialize with other people, how to respect other people and how to present themselves according to the prevailing norms. This was taught by his parents. And mother is the first school for her children. One reason is that they see their mother more often than their father

And I agree that parents have an important role to educate their children to become a good members of society. The main role is the parents, then teachers and the last is his friend.

For example, there is a girl who has many bad friends, but she has a mother who always strengthens her heart, gives her much of advices, accompanies her and encourages her to do good dees. With all that, she became a good girl. The girl believes that her mother really understands herself and always gives the best thing for her. She put great trust in her mother. How big is the role of parents in her life.One Ulama said that the biggest cause of damage to a child is the father.

On the other hand, there is a girl who has parents who love her and teach her to be a good member in society. However, the she is affected by bad habits from her friends and she ignored the advice of her parents. Parents and school cannot be separated. They play an important role in a child's life. They teach him how to think and behave.
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If I were to base the score of this essay on it restatement of the original prompt, then this essay would receive an immediate failing score. Why? Your prompt restatement does not relate, represent, nor use any of the required discussion information from the original presentation. As your task accuracy is partially based on how well you represent the original discussion in your own words, without changing the key discussion points, this essay cannot be given a passing score in that section. The score for this paragraph will be based on how you did not discuss the given topic, since your restatement is unrelated to the original presentation.

Since this essay is based on relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience, quoting Santoso will not help this essay. For one thing, you may be the only person who knows Santoso, which means this information is based on specialized, rather than commonly known information. Had you stated his point of view, without referring to Santoso in the presentation, you would have met the information requirements in a more appropriate manner. Once again, there is a change of information source on your part that does not follow the original instructions for the discussion.

That Santoso discussion totally changed the discussion expectations from the original, further creating a failing essay on your part because you veered away from the original discussion requirements. Even though you wrote an extremely long presentation, because you failed to understand the discussion instructions for this essay, you cannot expect to receive a passing score for this type of non discussion compliant presentation.

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