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Children must be a good members of society. What the parents and school can teach it?

Indriani 1 / -  
Feb 25, 2021   #1

preparing children to the adulthood

A child can not differential good and bad. They can learn from their parents or their surrounding environmental. According Seifert and Hoffnung. They are child psychologist interpret that development can growth form a person and effect for long-term, mindset, social relations, and skill motoric. They involve development for child that change the child can see from their mindset, social interaction, and emotionals.

The child must explore the nature. Because from the nature they can learn all about they seen. And the mother must monitoring her child for give a information and suggestion for their child. Mother is the first teacher for children. So, existence the mother is important for growth the children.

School is very needed for people, especially for the children. Because, people can get knowledge and insight theoretically.
I think i agree that the parents is important for become a their teacher at home and teach everytime and everywhere. And the teacher at the school also have important role for get a knowledge. Both between parents and teacher have important role for become a good members of society for the children.

For example, the children have conditions of disability. Resulting in the child have no many friends. So, the parents can give the child motivation and become a friends forever who understand her/his condition. And, the teacher at the school become her/his place for get a hardskill or softskill for improve their value.

If both can not combine, then they lost balance for get a good members of society. Both can not be divided because is important for the children.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,672 4113  
Feb 26, 2021   #2
This is actually an IELTS Task 2 practice prompt. Were you writing in preparation for that test? Or is this a topic that was given to you as a part of a basic written English language exercise? Kindly make sure to indicate what sort of writing you are doing next time so that I can give more relevant comments regarding your work. Without knowing what your target is for this writing, I will just give you a general review of the presentation you have made.

The presentation is grammatically inaccurate and has several word usage errors and punctuation mistakes. These are what have caused the essay to be incoherent to the reader. There is no clear idea being presented due to the inaccuracy of the overall statements. This can be corrected by having you make an effort to improve your English vocabulary through the proper learning of word meaning. You cannot just keep using words that you think sounds right or applicable. You have to be certain that the meaning of the word helps to convey the thought you are developing. Otherwise, you end up with this confusing presentation of thoughts that do not have a clear thought process indicated.

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