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Should children do household chares?

Hilary88 1 / -  
Mar 24, 2017   #1

ways to broaden children horizons

It is reported that many children always wastes time playing computer games and watching TV more than children spends a little hour on housework. Therefore, advanced needful parents a lot of soft skills their children by parents instruction children to make a daily work, children can self -explore and problem- solving skills of yourself.

For every individual, task around the house a lot of advantage for children. There are three benefits everyone can see, first of all, express their love and learn how to share work with their parents. In your free time, children have seen a work daily of your mother, children are in the imitate habit your mother. For example, in the weekend children may help with the mother by sweeping the floors... this is an action that they have help children relax after study and children was a good build relationship with your family. The second benefits, not spend much time watching TV or playing computer games, children contribute to saving energy, only watching TV to fix the time of parents. Finally, prepare for their future life and gain experience children know to make housework, parents will feel secure about his children's. For example, when parents missing from home they can self-conscious to take care of your self. To sum of, children had better do housework chores this is skills plays an important role in our life.

In the other hand, When children household chores at that moment the kids we will develop the confidence and ability to complete one's mission, It is necessary for help family to do put away toys, wash the dishes. so children may create a happy atmosphere in the family. Children have been trying to practice more clever skills of yourself. Children a great opportunity manual worker at around the house of your family such as empty the trash, dust the furniture, sweep the floor. The children skills are wonderful of your life. Besides, this is learning opportunity the combination of cardinal number and readability when to a workhouse. For example, the mother a teacher to learn to count or learn a new vocabulary in a work daily. In conclusion, children are always helpful to increase.

Parents need to errand for children should not too heavy to do workhouse or in all the firm's to work children to make task around the house is negligent spoils furniture, parents have the amiable attitude on their children and to teach the children next time have carefully.In other opinions that children should not do house the chores because children can not concentrate on my studies, if children made housework, children will have to bad learn's.

Thus, children had better learn a lot of skills of your life, and not only increase knowledge real but also the most superior ways to broaden the children horizons.

zeal 5 / 14 8  
Mar 24, 2017   #2
hello Hilary88, the idea is good, but I think there are several grammar mistakes and it is hard to understand. I think second and third paragraphs are same opinions, so "on the other hand" should be used in the 4th para. I wrote the 1st and 2nd para. {can still have mistakes}

It is reported that many children always waste their time playing computer games and watching TV more than they spend on houseworks. Therefore, children need to be instructed by their parents to do household works daily so that children would become more confidence and more skilful in problem solving.

Doing tasks around the house can give several advantages for children. First of all, it is a chance to express love between family members by sharing household chores with parents. In addition, by watching their mother doing houseworks daily, children can have a good habit of doing household tasks. For example, on weekends, children may help their mother by sweeping floors which would be one way of relaxing for children after study and would also give good bonding between family. The second benefit is energy saving because it takes a few electricity while children spend little time before screens. Finally, children gain experiences by doing houseworks which will help them to prepare their future life so that their parents will feel secured about the children's future. For instance, when parents are away from home, they know their children can take care of themselves. To sum up, children have better to do household chores because those are skills which play an important role in life.
Holt [Contributor] - / 9,721 3059  
Mar 25, 2017   #3
Huynh, I am very sad to tell you that the only score this essay can get is 1 in the actual TOEFL test. The reasons for this are numerous. The first is the confusing presentation of the paraphrased prompt requirements in your opening statement. A native English speaker, the examiner in this case, will develop a case of undue stress based upon your questionable response to the prompt requirement and thoroughly problematic English sentence development. Your grammar does not make sense in most instances and thus, does not help to develop an explanation for your purpose. Additionally, you did not properly represent the prompt requirement that dictates that you agree or disagree with the statement first, then provide examples. The opinion should have been delivered no later than the beginning of the second paragraph. In this instance, there was no opinion coming from you at all. So, based upon the grammar problems and formatting problems, as well as a clear lack of English understanding, the essay cannot be given a passing mark at all.

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