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Children are picky-eaters, therefore they have unhealthy lifestyle and prefer to consume junk-food

Fadhilahumar91 61 / 73 6  
Aug 26, 2016   #1
There many kind of food that can be detectable, especially on its taste, appearance, packaging, freshness, content, type of farming and others. Those products have influenced people's attitude particularly. In children who have problem as picky-eater. As a result, most children have unhealthy lifestyle while prefer to consume junk-food than vegetables, both schools and parents have responsibility to overcome this problem. However, parents have the greatest role of it.

In present time, there many schools which not give a role to protect their students avoiding hyperpalatable-food. Those have independence to choose type of food that the want to consume. In schools, teacher have explained to children about healthy life pattern. However, in school's café, there are many fast-food those sell and children tend to buy junk food than fruit. On one hand, children learn to unhealthy lifestyle from their friends. Finally, schools has responsibility to protect them by new regulation about food in schools café.

Although, schools have responsibility to keep them, but parents have greatest role to control their children from unhealthy life. In fact, many children learn to eat junk food from parents attitude, for example we have seen many families eat together in fast food restaurant that situation not teach them to live healthily. Many children imitate parent's behavior before they decide to control children's diet. This is contrary fact to overcome this phenomenon.

In conclusion, both of them have responsibility to avoid their children in unhealthy lifestyle. However parents are most responsible to protect them than others.
daya23 4 / 4  
Aug 26, 2016   #2

I think you should use different connection vocabulary instead ofhowever which you have repeated so many times..
ZiadRasyid24 10 / 15 3  
Aug 26, 2016   #3
Hi Fadhilah umar, let me you a hand, this is my correction

1. There are many kind of food that can be detectable, especiallysuch as on its taste, ( "especially" usually refer to specific things)
appearance, packaging...

2. Infor some children who have ...
As a result, most childrenthey tend to have unhealthy lifestyle while and prefer to consume ...

3. HoweverTherefore , parents have the greatestplays an important role of it.

I hope it is helpful.. Please recheck it again ...
Keep writing :)

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