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IELTS: Children to play Outdoor or Indoor?

hadi1981 25 / 44  
Jun 16, 2012   #1
Children today are too dependent on computers and electronic entertainment. It would be better for them to be outside playing sports and taking part in more traditional pastimes than spending all day indoors.

Do you agree or disagree with this statements?

Computer and technology inventions have been changing our life demands, and the way of the life behaviour.
It turned to be infatuated thought that children should spend their time indoor, as a way to improve computer and technology knowledge.
I believe as I were a kid that I had to be outside more than anything else, playing and competing with someone like me, either by his age or size, it was like a freedom to me.

Children should spend enough time outside every day, as their bodies need to be built well, especially in their early ages. Every high schooled person knows the benefits of the sun on bones growing. On the other hand, staying indoor to spend most of the time on TV's programs or play electronic games could limit the physical ability of the kid.

Improvement of the social skills of the kid will significantly appeared when creation of relations took place with fellows. These relations could not be succeeded properly indoor.

New psychiatric disease called Autism created and has been seen a lot recently, mostly because of children indoor dependency.

No one can ignore or deny the effects of technology and video games on IQ rate, but should not be an essential demand on early childhood. Any kid has to spare more time out side with physical and social activities and some indoors, while the controversy can be happen within time.

To sum up, Children should be given their needs in playing outdoor as their age wants, furthermore fitted mentally and physically person is the one who was taken good care while he grown up. We all known the golden basement said a sound mind in a sound body.

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