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Children should be prepared to be a parent

annahatef 30 / 9 7  
Nov 28, 2015   #1
Some people think that children should receive formal training at school on how to be good parents in the future. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

I agree that children should learn how to be a good parents in the future at school. Some school staffs believe that children can learn how to behave towards their children as parents in the future without any training in the future. Nevertheless being good parents should be taught as a study materials in school. In this essay, I will explain the reasons why children should learn some social skills.

To begin with, children can learn how to be good parents, unless children are thought some theory of behaviors. Being good parents is social skills and cannot be learned in daily life, therefore, school staffs should set some specific programs for this kind of abilities. What is more, when children do not learn how to behave as good parents, young generation may follow some wrong habits from different people around themselves.

By emerging new technology, each parent generation needs to know how to handle their challenging problems towards his/her children. For example, children have many entertainment facilities, such as video games, play stations and computer games. Adolescence should be forced to schedule their time to do their home works. It is obvious this problem which how to encourage children to do their duties among many computer games did not used to be a problem for previous generation parents. Also, it is clear that it will be many new predictable problems which new generation children should learn to be able to solve in the future. This problem may be seemed to be small, but If children do not learn how to control this issue, it will have huge consequences.

In conclusion, I agree that new generation should be taught how to be a good father or mother in the future, because some predictable problems can be handled and some harmful manners should be avoided.

katiedirt4 3 / 11  
Nov 28, 2015   #2
You wrote thought instead of taught in the second paragraph. Other than that I think you bring up some very good points in your essay and it is well thought out.
vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Nov 28, 2015   #3
Anna, your essay is filled with redundancies and misused words. Most of all, your example of technology in relation to parenthood does not make any sense because you are talking about a generational issue that may or may not be a problem anymore in terms of raising children by the time this generation of children become parents. So your essay not really effective. It is only effectively flawed in terms of grammar and reasoning. Here is my take on how you can improve the content of this essay.
akiraaa 7 / 20 2  
Nov 29, 2015   #4
I cannot see any relation between being good parents and good social skills. Maybe you can explain your point more clearly.

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