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Children today have less responsibilities than in the past

agus_mono 13 / 23 2  
Apr 27, 2017   #1
Children in some parts of world have less responsibility compared to children in the past. Some people think this is a positive change. However others think of it as negative change. What is your opinion?

less demands toward kids

It is undeniable that children's responsibility today decline rapidly compared to children in the past. Some people believe that this trend is positive change, while others argue that such trend is negative one. However, i strongly believe in the latter opinion who argue that the declining of children responsibility today is negative because it is important skill that student need in their live, whilst the declining of children' responsibility will bring negative impact on their country in the future.

To begin with, the importance of responsibility for children in their earlier age is that it will make their life easy and well-organized. Responsibility is needed to organize their life in so many aspects such as in the school. As a student, children have to responsible in their assignment. Educationalists argue that students who have high responsibility have a better performance in the class than other who do not have that. They also tend to finish all their assignment punctually. By this judgment, it is clear that the responsibility will help children live.

However, the alteration of responsibility in the children in several countries has risky impact for their country in the future. Irresponsible children today will become apathetic adult in the future. Since child irresponsible one has unorganized lifestyle. It is because they cannot manage their time and their responsibility well. In the future, if they keep such habit till they are adult, they will become crime agent. As a result, more crime will be faced by country and it will be more and more increase if the irresponsible people occupy it.

All in all, in my point of view, there is no positive effect of children who lack of responsibility. It is because responsibility is considered as a predominant skill which can lead people become useful one in the future. I think if the parents do not emphasize the important of responsibility for their children, their children will bring harmful effect on their country and their selves.
tnritika 4 / 6  
Apr 27, 2017   #2
I have read your essay and I think you have the point.
However I think if you want to improve your writing, when you give your statement or position in negative changes, in the first main paragraph you should explain about the positive changes it brings when children have less responsibility. After that, in the second main paragraph you can start to debate it and strengthen your position clearly.

I think that is all, keep it up!

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