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Children should be strictly controlled, this asserts by some parents and teachers. Others disagree.

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Nov 12, 2022   #1
Children should be strictly controlled, this asserts by some parents and teachers. Others disagree.

Discuss both of these views and give your own opinion.

Opinions are divided on whether some parents and teachers should strictly manage children. While many people argue that it could be better to put children under control, I myself believe that it is essential for children to behave without regulation.

Supporters of this suppose that the supervision of parents and teachers may be beneficial for their children. They could provide children with proper educational methods and good orientation. This is because they are not only richly experienced but also well-qualified. Therefore, children could be prevented from bad habits as well as meet the standards of behavior. For example, they may not cheat in exam as being learned lessons about honesty from adults.

On the other hand, their control may trigger substantial drawbacks on children. To begin with, parents and teachers tend to cope with the prospect of their children being unconfident and passive in their work and life due to being over dependent on others. As a consequence, they could never go out of their comfort zone and obtain crowning achievement. In addition, negative reactions can be provoked when children are not allowed to do what they desire. In the long run, they could develop anti-social behaviours such as violence, alcohol abuse, bullying and so on.

In conclusion, both sides of the argument have its merit. However, from the above analysis, it seems to me that it will be better if children are not under supervision of parents and teachers.
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Nov 14, 2022   #2
It is difficult to decide where to begin with the review of this failing score essay. Do I start with how the prompt restatement is incorrect and incomplete? Maybe I should start from the incorrect response format? Or perhaps the way the writer does not properly represent his personal opinion / point of view in the essay? Where do I start? I guess simply stating the errors as I did in this paragraph would be one way to kick this off. He can easily spot these errors and correct them based on the original prompt discussion presentation.

How can I offer advice to a student who did not listen to the first set of improvements that I suggested he makes to improve his writing for this type of prompt the first time? Perhaps he has another tutor who is teaching him how to write his essays? Which is why he completely disregarded the first set of advice I gave him to help him better address this prompt format. In which case, I cannot help him because he is getting confused by the two different writing styles being taught to him. It is not that I am a bad adviser, it is that the student is confusing himself by using too many teachers.

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