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China vs USA" - Essay for different cultures

liqunqing 2 / 4  
Dec 6, 2010   #1
Different countries have different cultures, and different cultures leads to different habits. Especially between China and USA, both of them have their characteristic cultures, which is built on profound bases of their unique history.

Why do Chinese spend so much time on cooking?" Some Americans always asked this question to me, who am an immigrant from China. In fact, the enjoyment of food plays the most important role in the lives of most Chinese; meanwhile, most Americans have different funs in their lives, food is only one type of their enjoyments. Probably some people are confused about this phenomenon; however, in my opinion, it is reasonable if we do some research on the history of these two large countries.

China is a giant country with more than five thousand years' history. During the long history, wars and famines overflowed in this country; as a result, Chinese hunt for the enjoyment of food whenever they have chances. Know to the world, Spring Festival is the most important celebration every year in China. To celebrate, every family has to prepare many kinds of food in order to entertain their relatives who will visit their house during these holidays. If the food is not abundant and colorful enough, the guests will be discontented, and that's will definitely affect the relationship between the hostess and the relatives.

Similarly in the ceremony of the marriage, birthday, and even burial, the entertainment of foods is the theme of these gatherings.

USA is a country with only more than two hundred years' history. Mostly in the history, this country was filled with peace and abundance; consequently, to Americans, enjoyments of festivals are colorful. During the holidays of Christmas, most people are busy in buying gifts for their relatives, decorating houses, and visiting attractive scenes.

In the ceremony of marriage and funeral, people would like to convey their sentiments and wishes; actually it is the right time for people to strengthen their relationship with each other.

As we can see, both of China and USA have their unique histories, which originate their different cultures, and different cultures originate different habits. Consequently, the gap between the cultures of these two countries is reasonable and understandable.

Frankly speaking, the habits of American are more civilized and rational than those of China. However, tolerance is built on comprehension; concordance and peace are based on tolerance. To respect other nation's habits is extremely significant for the development of the world's civilization; therefore, due to the long miserable history of China, the proper choice for people in the world is to comprehend and endure those Chinese habits.
gradbound2011 1 / 3  
Dec 6, 2010   #2
I think that the idea is great... but you may want to reread this and make it more formal. It seems a little informal at this point. Is this a rough draft? What is the world limit? Good luck!
OP liqunqing 2 / 4  
Dec 7, 2010   #3
see the changes I have made, anyone has suggestions for me?
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Dec 18, 2010   #4
Similarly in the ceremony of the marriage, birthday, and even burial, the entertainment of foods is the theme of these gatherings.---This should be part of the previous paragraph. It is about the same idea. I'll make a small change, though:

Similarly, in the ceremony of the marriage, birthday, and even burial, the entertainment of foods is the theme of these consists of food.

If you write, USA you need periods: U.S.A.
But it probably is better just to write United States, because that is concise and aesthetically cool in the essay.

Wow, I had to read the essay twice to appreciate the full meaning. When you wrote that the habit of Americans is more rational, I wanted to challenge you on it because it sounds like a generalization. But now I realize that you are referring to the fact that Americans do not over-emphasize food in the way you say the Chinese over-emphasize food. That is very interesting!

This essay is well written, but more importantly it really gives a valuable idea for consideration.

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