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Choose an arguable topic related to learning challenges or learning strategies

hoangtotk6 1 / 2  
Jun 25, 2020   #1

Spaced Repetition

Having good strategies in college can indeed help you study more efficiently and have a good result. One of the most popular methods recommended is Spaced Repetition. I agree with the view that Spaced Repetition is an effective learning strategy. There are some points of my view on Spaced Repetition.

Some people believe that Spaced Repetition Strategy is not a good learning strategy and we should not use it. If we used Spaced Repetition, we would need extra effort and self-discipline. It does not apply to a person who wants to see their marked progress quickly because Spaced Repetition will give you a long schedule to study. Another disadvantage is that Spaced Repetition cannot be used for some subjects, which do not have to remember too much information.

While it is reasonable to say that Space Repetition is not beneficial to some people due to their learning styles, it is still an effective learning strategy for most people because of the framework it provides.

Firstly, it is worth considering Spaced Repetition's effectiveness on Long-term memory. Spaced Repetition is Space out learning/ practice of new knowledge/ skills to make knowledge more familiar, reduce forgetting knowledge, and put knowledge to Long-term memory. It will help to retain too much knowledge for a long time because Long-term memory has a limitless store, while Short-term memory is limited to certain information. Moreover, Long-term memory is considered a source of knowledge. The knowledge only can be useful when we can remember it and apply to a practical case.

Secondly, Spaced Repetition's time-blocks on scheduling learning activities which will be beneficial on storing information and on learning specifically. For example, Spaced Repetition computer software can advise us on an optimal gap to study and review knowledge. It can come up with a plan with optimal intervals base on the due day. When we create an exam study schedule, we can be proactive in learning and reviewing knowledge.

Lastly, Spaced Repetition's effectiveness in regular revisiting information before exams and on learning outcomes. The fact that most of us forgot anything we learned in high school. We just study and review before a day of a test. It makes us overwhelming before a large of knowledge. We can use Spaced Repetition to overcome the test easily. For example, we can quickly review our flashcards, questions, ... which we made in some Spaced Repetition software such as Anki, SuperMemo, etc. I disagree with some people who suppose that Spaced Repetition needs a lot of time to review. We just review what we forgot, what is not familiar. With the preparation for a long time, we will be more confident when we take exams.

In conclusion, Spaced Repetition may be the most powerful strategy for improving the brain's ability to remember and recall what we study. It can help us retain more information, study more efficiently, and spend less time reviewing our material.

Holt [Contributor] - / 9,741 3078  
Jun 25, 2020   #2
You should have done one extra step in the opening paragraph. You should have taken the time to explain what spaced repetition is all about to your reader. Always assume that your reader is not a person familiar with the topic you are writing about. The clarity of your essay and opinion will be helped by the explanation regarding the term and what it represents. It gives the reader an idea of what space repetition is all about and why it would be helpful as a learning tool to students.

You should be presenting both sides of this argument for the essay. When you say that some people indicate it should not be used as a learning tool, explain why they believe that. Upon completely explaining the argument, you may then, in the next paragraph oppose the argument completely. By using an alternating discussion format, you will be able to fully explain both sides of the argument in the essay. You may also opt to do the pro-con argument within the same paragraph if you wish. However, if it will run long, you should consider using alternating paragraphs instead.

You do not really present a convincing argumentative essay in this case. You are solely focused on defending your opinion rather than comparing the arguments / reasons coming from both sides. I would not call this a convincing argumentative essay because it lacks a discussion of alternating reasons. In an argumentative essay, you should be able to convince the reader to believe your side through the use of a balanced discussion and presentation of supporting reasons or evidence. That is not completely seen in this essay due to the improper format of your presentation.

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