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Cigarretes has been banned from public environment. Agree or Disagree?

Essay topic: Cigarretes has been banned from public environment. Agree or Disagree??

Around the world people are concerned about the problems that smoking habit provide. Laws, assignments, advertising have been created in a way to make people stop smoking. Recently, one law was approved in Canada, which prohibits people to smoke in public environment. The major reasons why cigarettes should be banned from public areas are, the damaging to health, inconvenience for others non-smoking and because it is a way to make people quit that habit.

The first and most important reason why cigarettes should be banned from a public environment is because it is harmful to people health. First of all, cigarettes can create numerous diseases. In particular, if someone smokes for more than 5 years one pack of cigarettes per day he/she have 45% more chances to have a lung cancer. Also, diseases, such as, breathless, mouth cancer and heart attack are caused by smoking habit. Secondly, in the cigarettes there are many substances extremely addictive. For instance, cigarettes are one of the most addictives drugs; specialist says that stop smoking is more challenge for a person than stop using cocaine. Thus, prohibiting smoking in public areas is one good way to make people diminish that horrible habit.

Another major reason smoking should be prohibited from public environment is the fact that cause inconvenience for people who do not smoke. In fact, who have never been disturbed in a restaurant or mall from that unpleasant and irritating smell coming from a smoker nearby? It is often give us headaches and feelings of hangover. Furthermore, some people cannot stand close of who is smoking because they have health problem. Such as, allergic, lung problems and asthma. Therefore, forbidding people to smoke in public environments is healthy and help people with specific diseases.

The last reason why cigarettes might be eliminated from public environment is the fact that it could help people quitting. First of all, governments and specialist are trying to find way to make people quite smoke. In fact, the statics made from the Cancer Institute in Ohio, US, show that the percentages of young people smoking are increasing. However, advertising in cigarettes packs and laws are good way to incentive people stop that habit.

In conclusion, cigarettes are harmful for the health. In addition, for a better life and health smokers should quit that habit as soon as possible. And avoid diseases, such as, cancer and pulmonary embolism.

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