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City or Country Life? Some people like me are fond of a fast-paced life in the city

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Mar 7, 2017   #1

live in a city or in a countryside?

Some people are fond of a fast-paced life in the city rather than more relaxed pace in the country or vice versa because of many factors. As for me, I prefer living in a city. However, both ways of life has its advantages and disadvantages.

Those who like living in the city believe that it has numerous advantages. Large cities have public transport that chauffeurs people throughout the city, while in the country that kind of transport usually is not provided. Also, city life offers more entertainment, sports, shopping and career opportunities, here people have high incomes. Besides, in cities people are provided with different kinds of services like beauty salon or cars wash. In the contrast, there is no any variety of services in a village.

Other people, who prefer the countries, argue that there are more advantages of living in villages than in cities. Firstly, the village is more environmentally friendly and cozy place. Secondly, people who live in a village feel themselves in safety as the crime rate there is lower than in a city. And finally, people there are friendlier. That is why old people and families who have children often make decisions to live in a rural area.

In conclusion, whether you live in countries or cities, there are merits and drawbacks. Life in a country is quiet and slowly, it is more suitable for children and old people. Others prefer living in a big city, where they can have a large number of opportunities.
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Mar 7, 2017   #2
Nastya, I believe that you failed to provide another part of the prompt requirements. I am referring to the relevant examples from your personal experience. Since you already mentioned that you leaned towards living in the city, it would have been good for your TA score if you had shared some personal experiences in relation to the reason that you are supporting. While the reasons you provided in the essay are general in presentation, a more personal aspect was required. I know that it is easier to simply bundle in your reasoning with the rest of the essay discussion. However, if you want to get a higher score in the essay, you need to go the extra mile and present some information that comes from your personal side. This shows a clear understanding of the prompt and increases your chances of an increase GRA score as well. This essay though, may not score higher than a 4 due to the missing prompt elements in the essay.

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