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City gridlock, lack of foods - overpopulation caused immense problems, what are the solutions?

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Dec 23, 2015   #1
Overpopulation of urban areas has led to numerous problems. Identify one or two serious ones and suggest ways that governments and individuals can tackle these problems.

In contemporary era, overpopulation is inevitably encountered by urban dwellers living in cosmopolitan cities. As such, this terrible issue arguably introduces various detrimental impacts such as overcrowding, slums, shanty towns and insufficient foods. As far as i am concerned, in order to deal with these problems, governments should offer some proper accommodation, and import other foods from foreign countries. Then, inhabitants have to encouraged for staying in villages, and planting trees over there which supply their diets.

Admittedly, the major problem caused by such overpopulation in these towns is crowded cities, because a wide range of villagers try to move and stay in the large cities. taking Bangkok as an example, the number of inner-city population have increased dramatically over the years as people migrating from rural areas such as Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai move to the city. As seen, the terrain cannot be loaded by more urban people. Not only this, when it comes to other cities like Mumbai, Manila and Ho Chi Mint, this overpopulation leads to slum and shanty town. Also, people have few challenging to obtain diets due to chronic food shortage.

In an attempt to overcome these worrying problems, the state officials should create some novel regulations. First, they build multi-storey housing estates in many areas. Clearly, this type of buildings can provide a great deal of people living in the cities. Moreover, those should import some essential foods such as rice and vegetables from other developing countries like Indonesia and Vietnam. The more diet are transferred from other countries, the quicker problem can be solved. What is more, such individuals also have in charge to be involved to cope these difficulties with returning them to the local areas, and stay away from the cities. Next, they should plant some important fruits and vegetables for feeding themselves.

The aforementioned evidence reveals that although the extremely crowded towns bring about some crucial problems like city gridlock and lack of foods, the viable solutions can be undertaken by the governments and people. Where possible, both authorities and inhabitants go hand in hand to some cooperation for pressing the impacts.
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Dec 24, 2015   #2
Hi there
I think that your introduction and the conclusion shouldn't be detailed, it should be general.

like city gridlock and lack of foods
you wrote it in the bodies

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