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'classes should be mandatory' - students should be required to attend classes....

Parvina 4 / 15  
Jan 23, 2012   #1
Others believe that going to classes should be optional for students. Which point of view do you agree with? Use specific reasons and details to explain your answer.

People attend University for many reasons. For example, new experience, to increase knowledge, career preparation and etc.

First of all, when students present at lecture or class they can get more knowledge. To be more precisely, the lecture which is instructed by professor is valuable. For instance, when I took "peoples of Africa" class our professor shared with his experience and it was so interesting and motivated a lot of students to learn more about this region. Albeit, our professor gave us a chance to go to fill trips I am sure which a life-long memory.

Second of all, compulsory classes allow students to develop their social and communication skills. For example, studying in a team-work will help students to cooperate with the other students. Also, it gives opportunity to learn how to listen and respect others opinion .Furthermore, it would be a good chance to prepare students to their future career.

Last but not least, another reason that classes should be mandatory is to experience both motivation and competition source. While being required to attend classes you would be able to work with other students and for sure there will be competition among them. As result, it will lead to success and achievement of goals.

To sum up, having three reasons which are valuable knowledge, career preparation and rich experience allows me believe that attendance must be compulsory.

measinkaren 1 / 2  
Jan 23, 2012   #2
People attend Universities or a University...I think it sounds really good
OP Parvina 4 / 15  
Jan 23, 2012   #3
Thanks for feedback:)
beccalevesque - / 45  
Jan 23, 2012   #4
Good ideas here that i expanded on to give an idea of how an essay should flow. begin with your thesis(main idea) then explain your idea, then sum up. I personally don't care for "first of all, second of all" so i edited them out... the next paragraph is sufficient to explaining that you are moving on to your next point. :)
morecelery 4 / 20  
Jan 23, 2012   #5
There are many wordy moments. I don't think the vocabulary is working for you. Be simple and straightforward. People are looking to understand your essay, and you have to write wary of this fact. There can be a strong core to this essay, I would just work on being direct, and putting more purpose into the essay, if you know what I mean. Take a lot of time to polish it; with enough time, it will be a really nice essay :)
OP Parvina 4 / 15  
Jan 23, 2012   #6
Thank you so much for your assistence. What do you think about my grammar structure?
OP Parvina 4 / 15  
Jan 25, 2012   #7
Thank you for reading and correcting my mistakes!!!:)

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