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Classification essay on music; "When the Music's Over"

Orangeeskies 5 / 9 1  
Apr 13, 2014   #1
I'm classifying music into entertainment, emotional health impacts, and physical health impacts. This is just a rough start, and I know it unorganized, random, and not well written. I just need a few ideas on how to continue the essay, and possibly other categories I can add to each section in order to make it longer.

Here's my start:
When the Music's Over
Music is not only something to be heard, but to be felt.Music is much more than just sound...Music is something that touches the soul, and brings people together. Most people underestimate the value and power music has on our everyday lives. Music is used for entertainment, can effect us emotionally, and even impact our physical health and wellbeing.

[/ s] Entertainment
Music has the power to bring people together. Music is significant in nearly every culture. Scientists are still trying to figure out why exactly people all over the world enjoy music. Listening to music alone can instantly entertain you. Without the power of music, movies would be boring and less suspenseful and driving in traffic would be even more frustrating. Simply attending a concert instantly connects an individual with others who share the same taste. Having the same taste in music as someone instantly creates a bond.

Music can have emotional affects on one's life. Music can increase one's mood, can be an outlet for expressing emotions, and reduce stress.

Music can increasing one's mood. We listen to certain music when happy or sad, and these songs make us feel a certain way. For instance, One may listen to different style of music or different song when just breaking up with a significant other, rather than just having received a job offer. Music releases dopamine in the brain, which can cause our moods to increase (source). So, listening to any kind of music that is enjoyed, whether happy or sad, is beneficial to one's mood and will actually make them feel happier. ADD SENTENCE

Music can be used as an outlet for expressing emotions. Someone who is very withdrawn, may find that music can act as an outlet for expressing things that they are unable to put into words. It can also act as a stimulus to awaken buried memories or evoke emotional responses. (source) Music can allow one to express or feel their thoughts through melodies or words in ways they could not think of on their own.

Music can reduce stress in one's life. Listening to music can allow one to de-stress and...
Music also can have effects on our physical health. Music is heavily connected to memory. A song one hears when falling in love, will be most likely forever be associated with that event in the individuals mind. Due to the closeness of memory and music, music has been shown to improve memory in patients suffering from dementia. For instance, a non-profit organization called Music&Memory creates personalized playlists for patients struggling with dementia, helping them reconnect with the world through memories triggered by music (source) Music&Memory has been successful in restoring aspects of patients memories.

Lower Heart rate/Blood pressure

dumi 1 / 6,928 1592  
Apr 14, 2014   #2
Music is used for entertainmentto entertain us and it can effectaffect us emotionally, and even impact our physical health and wellbeingwell being.

Music is significant in nearly every culture

Music has a significant presence in almost every culture.
Without the powercontribution of music, movies would be boring and less suspensefulemotional or sensational.(break here because the other idea is different to this one)Also,and driving in traffic would be even more frustrating without listening to any music.

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