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Clean energy / threat to life on Earth - Benefits and risks of Nuclear Technology

Task: To what extent is nuclear technology a danger to life on Earth? What are benefits and risks associated with its use?

Achievemens in a nulear field have promised the humankind realizable solutions to solve problems associated with environment and energy. However, it also brings with itself grave risks. Obiectively, if we enhance our awareness of monitoring nuclear reactions, its benefits are abviously overweight than its threats.

From a positive aspect, utilising nuclear energy is clean without emission of harmful gases. Therefore, energy obtained from nuclear reactions is much more superior to fossil fuels that have been dominated in the world. Furthermore, another remarked advantage of nulcear energy is its capacity of creating a massive amount of energy from only a very little bit of chemical substances. This feature becomes valuable when natural resources is getting exhausted.

From a negative aspect, nuclear technology can become a terrible threat to life on Earth. The top-ranked threat is a contamination of the surroundings by radioactivity. Back to history, the humankind witnessed many leaks of nulear factories put residents at risk of getting dead diseases like cancer, mutation. More importantly, developed countries can take their advantages in nuclear aspects to put pressure on other countries. For this reason, a race for nuclear weapons that endangers an existance of the Earth cannot be stopped in the near future.

To sum up, if leader of nations no longer nourish their dream of conquering the word with a help of nuclear science, the human beings could enjoy the wonders of nuclear technology brought into life.

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