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It is not the clothes that make a person; People behave differently when they wear different clothes

Hell Yeah 2 / 6  
Oct 16, 2011   #1
Promt: People behave differently when they wear diffrent clothes. Do you agree that different clothes influence the way people behave?

Clothes are very important atribute and criterion of modern person. Judging by clothes we can learn a lot of information about person for example: what is this person, what is his/her social status and etc.

Our behaviour constantly changes - first of all it depands on what kind of clothes we wear. When person wears tailcoat he became like courteous admirer, if he wears military uniform he trys to defense the weaks and offended ones, or person wears sports uniform, he is unstopable sportsmen whose sense of life is a record, but in bathhouse everybody is equal :)

Personally i can't go to the party with my friends in suit or go to the formal dinner in jeans and t-shorts, it seems like nightmare. Just imagine, some one appears in casual clothes at formal event, certainly every wise person be ashamed, disappointed and feel like white raven among surrounded people. When my father wears classic suits he becomes very severe boss in his work place but in free clothes he turns into a very careful and kind one at home. Of course purity and tidiness of clothes directly influence the way people behave. Any intelligent person feels inconvinient in dirty and rumpled clothes than in fresh, stroked and purit ones. These are a very simple examples from our life which clearly shows the impact clothes to our behaviour

I would like to add that smart, self-sufficient person can thrive in any clothe. We must remember that it is not the clothes that make a person, but it is person who decorates the clothes

im a frashman in writing essays
this is my second practise of writing essays thats why dont judge strictly)
gymnast842 3 / 6  
Oct 16, 2011   #2
I would highly recommend that you enhance your grammar...the grammar is just not at the level it should be at.
jeveux - / 1  
Oct 16, 2011   #3
I agree with gymnast.
You have nice ideas, but there's a bit of work to be done. You say that this is your second time writing an essay?

If it is an optional essay and you can't find the help that you require, then I would suggest simply not writing one.
OP Hell Yeah 2 / 6  
Oct 16, 2011   #4
gymnast842 thank you very much for advise, i will try to improve my grammar! but I would be very grateful if you gave me more explicitly information about my faults in grammar
OP Hell Yeah 2 / 6  
Oct 16, 2011   #5
jeveux yes, this is an optional essay, but im going to pass IELTS exam, thats why i am trying to write about anything cuz just god knows what kind of theme will be on exam, therefore i must be ready for everything. So i have written in this forum in hope that experienced people will help me to find and point to my faults

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