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Task 2 - The coherence of technology and basic skills

irfan727 49 / 68 29  
Nov 26, 2015   #1
Over-reliance on modern technology means that people are failing to learn, or are forgetting many basic skills.
To what extent this is true? Are people becoming so reliant on modern technology that they are no longer able to do some things without it?

In the modern era, most people cannot get rid of technology. This brings effects to several inhabitants who they fail in the basic skills since they feel be easy with sophisticated device. While, this is true, I strongly believe that the technology can improve the skills of people. Yet, all depend on their personality.

Technology is more likely to intervene in humans' problems. In this case, they feel comfortable if they can correlate to. Yet, this can lessen the capability of people who still in the first studying. As example, juveniles who still in processing to study mathematic, and they use calculator for helping them solve the math questions. This is a severe action because actually citizens cannot blame the calculator as the main issue formation of fundamental skills. In order to, the superintendence of elderly people is vital.

Nevertheless, individuals use technology for solving their assignments. This is caused they state that technology has been a part of their necessity. But, in fact this statement is reverse. A recent study by Stanford University illustrates that average human being always check their smartphone every 6 minutes and they prefer to access it than sleep. This affects to the time for studying which they tend to be more focus on their entertainment. They should be able to separate the time between learning and playing.

The aforementioned evidence reveals that technology has spread in all aspects even in the education. On the other hand, I reckon this is not threaten to the elementary skills. Indeed, they can improve their abilities and insight with sophisticated devices.
Lanarey 3 / 6 7  
Nov 26, 2015   #2
Actually, your argument is complex and not logical so I feel it is not persuasive. I suggest your writing this essay again, this time has a more detailed outline to have a comprehensive coverage about your essay will be. Normally, to present clearly, most people will put the topic sentence as the beginning of a paragraph, then using reasons and evidences to support in the following sentences. Mind the flow of your writing.

Also, take notice of word use because there are a few occasions, linking words are not used appropriately.
Hope these might help you

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