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COLLECTIVE STORY about my Family; Father's & Mother's Side

jordanlee 2 / 1  
Sep 18, 2008   #1
This is my narrative about my family that tells the collective story of them. If someone could edit any grammatical mistakes, etc. that would be appreciated. Thanks.

Father's Side

One of the earliest known birth dates in my family comes from my father's side of the family. My grandpa, King Lee, would have been 123 years old as of this year! Born in China, he met my grandma through an arrangement by parents. They married and they eventually moved here to Canada, to escape the war between China and Japan, and to start a new life. They were married, and soon later came three sons. Unfortunately, King Lee died when my father was only 5 years old. The eldest son, George Lee, married his ex wife and moved to Toronto where they adopted their adopted son Mathew. He was adopted from China. The middle child, Bill Lee married early in his life to his current wife Joanie Lee. Together they had their first son, Brandon and later adopted their daughter from Romania, and named her Gabriela. Lastly is my father, the youngest of his three brothers. He met Tracey in college and married soon after. They had me and my brother, Braedan. Kit Lee lived to be 92, and passed away in 2006.

A lot of history is hidden within my father's side of the family because if of the language barrier from English to Chinese. But what is very interesting is the story of how my grandpa and grandma came to Canada. Back then, my grandpa had to pay a head tax of $500. In 2005 my grandma met with the Stephen Harper when Harper publically announced the apology for the Chinese Head Tax. A lot of the details are gone because no one is left to tell the stories. All that is left are documents in Chinese.

Mother's Side

Both my nana and papa (Maureen & Tom) were born and raised in England. They married at an early age and moved to Canada where they had two daughters, Karen and Tracey. They split later on and Tom remarried his current wife Inga. Inga already had three children from previous marriages. Monica, her youngest and only daughter, is married to Michael Buzanis and together they had triplets. Their names are Jeremy, Nolan and Emily. Inga also had two sons, David and Tony long. Tony married Victoria and they had two daughters together. Their names are Kierstein and Chelsea Long, and they both go to South. Lastly is David Long, who recently married his wife Tracy. Tracy and David have been trying to have children, and now they have found out that they will be having twins. Every Christmas we all get together at my papa's house and have a nice big dinner. We are fortunate to be so close to Inga's side of the family. Unfortunately David and Tracy live in Texas, so we rarely see them.

My aunt Karen had her son, Shawn, when she was 16 years old. Unmarried at the time and still in school, she was forced to stay at home with the baby. Of course my nana helped out a lot. Karen hasn't been in contact with Shawn's father. Later on, Karen met a man named John Scott, and they eventually married. John adopted Shawn and had a daughter with Karen, whom they named Trisha. Trisha is now engaged with David Robbins and will be getting married next year in Cuba. John and Karen divorced years later and Karen met another man named Rick Warner through her work. They married in 2003, and I "sang" with Jack DiCarlo at Michael's on the Thames for them.

As one can see, my mother's side is larger, but it doesn't mean that it is more interesting. Both are equally fascinating in their own way. If it's the bonds we share with new members of the family or if its the history from my father's side, I find my family very interesting.

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