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College Journal - English Class / Society Living

ryan 3 / 2  
Feb 10, 2007   #1
Plz Help to Revise These Two Journals. Thank you!

1) The English-121 is my first course that taken in college. Even though I have taken AP courses before, I still feel something differences when taking this real college level course.

As every first class in high school, the process of the first class here is almost the same: instructor distributes the syllabus and policy of this course, as well as explains the details to us. Before we introduce ourselves to classmates, my instructor, Ms. Arney introduces her to us first. I am glad that I have a newspaper writer who is from the famous Baltimore Sun as a teacher to teach me how to write, since I was a magazine editor in my high school, but never have the opportunity to be coached by a professional writer. I think a professional writer may have a different way from a regular teacher to teach English like those are in high school. I am eager for my classes in the future.

It is our turn to introduce us. After everyone is done, I found that there are different kinds of students are sitting in a classroom, which differs from high school. Some of them are from high school, like me, some of them are college students, and some of them even already have full time jobs. I think these diverse groups can bring various opinions and ideas to the classroom because all of us have different experiences. Therefore, this special diversity will create a nice atmosphere in an English class.

I enjoy the first college class here. I think the three months will make me have a further understanding in English writing.

2) Living in the society, we learn things from reading in many circumstances. Reading is an important way of getting information from the outside unknown world. We read text books to help us understand what instructors teach; we read reference books to answer our why-questions; we read articles in newspaper and magazines to view others' opinions; also, now more and more people use internet to search information they need. Obviously, all these are involved in reading.

As the book The Presence of Others says, reading and thinking critically. This can help me to increase the efficiency of reading; especially I am thinking while reading. For instance, in my American Government class, sometimes I am assigned to read a critical cartoon; in order to accomplish that, not only should I read the picture, but also understand what is the purpose of the author creating this picture; so it requires more information that I should know, such as what events that relate to this cartoon, what are the personalities of people in this cartoon, as well as the decorations in this picture since they are usually act as different kinds of symbols.

I remember when I was tired but still tried to read, in this situation I read word by word without thinking because I could not concentrate myself. After one day, I could hardly remember what I read. This shows how important the book teaches me about thinking and reading. Thinking and Reading critically can always insure us to reach our purposes of reading.

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