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Colour is a great instrument which influence more and more consumers

IqbalThemi 44 / 46 13  
May 29, 2015   #1
Colour is a powerful of tools that is used to great effect by manufacturers and retail companies when they try to sell us something. In fact, many of the purchasing decisions we make are partly or largely influenced by colour.

How true is this statement?
How much does colour influence us when we buy something?

Attractive colour plays an important role in manufacturing company especially to attract more consumers to buy company's product. Clearly, this can be seen from how decisions individuals make to purchase some goods appears that it is highly likely influenced by colours they are interested. Therefore, from my point of view, this statement is mainly true since powerful colours of retail company likely hypnotize people. Furthermore, bright colours and pattern surrounding market are going to affect youngsters to have a tendency to buy cloth with a particular colour.

First of all, lovely colorful product of company persuades people's interest. To illustrate, when persons go to shopping to buy some vegetables and fruits, they tend to inevitably to choice them which have glow colours. The possible reason of this is as the ones look more ripe than darker foods. As a consequence, vibrant goods bring more convenience for plenty of people.

Having said that, it is arguably that the youngest people are liable to be more interested to buy clothes in strong colours. Result from one of garment companies in Indonesia found that 70% of their products with glowing colour designs to be sold progressively which the majority of consumers are youngsters under 25 old. As a results, more creative colour designs of products company produce more persons have a tendency to buy.

The aforementioned evidence reveals that though other factors can influence people in buying things, obviously a bright colour is predominant to lead lots of individuals to choose perfect goods at the first glance. Therefore, my personal opinion is that a powerful colour of any product influence people considerably when they buy the products.
lcturn87 - / 435 236  
May 29, 2015   #2
I am going to suggest that you rearrange you paragraphs. The 2nd paragraph would be your first paragraph. The 1st paragraph would be your 2nd paragraph. I want you to rearrange them, because the vegetables could be an interesting introduction that leads to consumer trends in buying a certain color product. The the last sentence in this paragraph discusses young people.This relates to the third paragraph that discusses young people as well. Then you can conclude the essay with the last paragraph.

Here are some changes I began working on:
2nd paragraph (Formerly your first paragraph): Throughout the paper do you mean color?. I think you mean that the manufacturer's produce different color product's to attract consumers. However, this leaves the company out of the decision. I would suggest stating that the company decides the choice of colors for their products and then sends this information to the manufacturer so they can fulfill this order. Here is how you can change part of the next sentence:

"...how the decisions individuals make to purchase some goods appears to be influenced by the colors they are interested in..."

3rd paragraph: Please look at the quote again regarding Indonesia. You can quote directly from the quotations. Remember to place the quotes before the first word quoted and at the end of the last word quoted. Also, cite your source in this paragraph.
lcturn87 - / 435 236  
May 30, 2015   #3
Hopefully, you have had some time to make some changes. I am going to be providing some more feedback.

1st paragraph: Place "a" before lovely and company. The second sentence should be, "people go shopping". When you end this sentence, I feel you are trying to state that the inevitable choice is a bright color. Is that correct? The next sentence you have to revise because it needs to express how the brighter vegetables and fruits seem riper than darker foods.

To end the paragraph you need to discuss what you state in the last sentence. For example: "Similarly, vibrant color products can influence people considerably when they buy products." I used the last sentence to end your essay to coincide or relate to your first paragraph. If you are stuck or confused about a thesis statement you can read the first and last paragraph of a rough draft to see if everything is easily understood.

2nd paragraph: Would you like to use color rather than colour? I feel that in the first sentence you need to explain the role of the company in selecting color. The manufacturer distributes the goods, while the company is involved in the selection of the color for a specific product. Place 'the' before decisions and change to..."is likely influenced by colors they are interested in." When you describe retail, you should change company to companies. Do you want to state influence rather than hypnotize? Add -s to pattern. Change cloth to clothes.

3rd paragraph: I would use a different transition word to begin this paragraph and revise it.
Ex: "Therefore, it is arguably young people who are more interested in buying clothes in strong colors."

It is difficult to understand the information in this source regarding Indonesia. You should look at the source again. If this is copied directly from the source it needs quotation marks around the sentences that were copied. Remember to cite your source. Change to: "As a result, the more creative color designs of products company produce, the more people have a tendency to buy."

4th paragraph: Delete obviously. Change the last sentence to "can influence".

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