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The colours and sounds of Rain - imaginative writing

Alleo 1 / -  
Sep 9, 2014   #1
I got a 600-900 essay assignment. Here is the topic:

Writing a piece called rain in which the narrator describes in detail his or her experience of unusual weather. In your writing focus on colours and sounds to help your reader imagine the scene.

now i can't think of what to write here, and how to describe and all. Im doing A level so i cant just write a silly childish essay either so im kind of stuck...any help? Maybe a first paragraph or a few points i can build on?


vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Sep 9, 2014   #2
Rain is not unusual weather. The prompt is asking you to write about an extreme weather experience. Most likely an experience related to hurricanes. You can explain an experience when you observed the sky going from bright and sunny, then somber and gray. The rain falls after with thunder, lighting, and winds slowly picking up strength. The gray skies then turn a severe shade of black. Bring nighttime to what should have been daytime. The windows are banging against the walls as the harsh raindrops hit it. The windows sound like they want to be set free, torn from the sockets. The raindrops hitting your roof sound like it wants to pierce the only shelter you have from wetness, etc. Those are some ideas I have about how to start your essay off :-) I hope you can use it.

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