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IELTS Writing Task 1: Combined charts of household income and spending by an average UK family

maihaan 3 / 9 2  
Sep 4, 2020   #1
This is the first time I work with combined charts and I found it hard to arrange ideas. Please correct and advise me on that. Thank you a lot!

household income and spending on food and clothes

The given table describes the total earnings of a median family and the amount of money they paid for food and clothes in 2010 and 2013. The pie chart illustrates more specific proportion data of the later expenditure divided into five different categories. Generally, despite a fall in total family income, there was a salient increase in fruits and vegetables' spendings in the researched period.

As can be seen, the total money gained by a mediocre UK household in 2013 was 4,000 euros less when compared to 29,000 euros in 2010. In spite of that fact, people had the tendency to pay more for foodstuffs and attires in 2013 than in 2010, with 15,000 euros and 14,000 euros, respectively.

Regarding the circle chart, there was a decline in the proportion of clothes budget from 22% in 2010 to 12% in 2013. The percentage spent on meat and fish also dropped by 10% from 25% in 2010. In contrast, dairy products witnessed a growth in its rate from 15% to 20% in the same period. However, the most significant rise was 15% in the fruits and vegetables segment as it reached 35% in 2013 while there was no change in the figure of other food and drinks.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,857 4179  
Sep 4, 2020   #2
Kindly watch out for your word usage. Mediocre means; of only moderate or or ordinary quality. I believe you meant to use the word median which refers to: the middle number in a given sequence of numbers or, a midpoint. Incorrect word usage shall have a direct effect on your LR score. Now, when referring to the images, always indicate how many images you see. In this case, I would have indicated, within the summary:

A table has been provided indicating the following information in reference to total income spent in relation to... Additionally, 2 pie charts have been provided as well. The first chart refers to... while the second chart... The trend in the table indicates, while the pie charts indicate (1) and (2) respectively.

That way, when you get to the discussion, you use the second paragraph to completely discuss the chart and the third paragraph to compare and contrast the digits in the 2 pie charts. There is a lack of clarity when it comes to the 2 pie chart discussions. You have to reference each chart in relation to one another whenever possible or indicate the source chart for clarity purposes.
OP maihaan 3 / 9 2  
Sep 5, 2020   #3
@Holt Thank you for your advice!

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