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combining and optimizing - 'improve the quality of the education in a country is to'

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Sep 29, 2011   #1
well, this is my new essay, all are welcome to offer advice!;)

The best way to improve the quality of the education in a country is to increase teachers' salaries

I'm not thoroughly convicted by the statement that rising salaries tends to be the best option to ameliorate the quality of the education. There happened to be many other factors which can't be neglected contribute to the education while teachers' pay many only play an insignificant role. I have several reasons to back up my perspective.

First and foremost, facilities and equipments should be improved to cater to both teachers and student's needs. Access to abundant fixtures is required to create an academic atmosphere. Therefore, if there are not enough computers, libraries or labs, it won't be easy to make presentations, acquire knowledge or do experiments. For instant, the consistent lack of enough libraries in my university has definitely upsetted many students while doing researches and projects. This downside to a great extent procrastinated my school's improvement in the education.

Also, a sophisticated evaluation and assessment system for teachers should be established to reach a particular standard, which means, student exam score, paper quality, employment rate etc. should all be counted in as valuables in deciding teachers' performance. As a result, faculties will put much effort on their career to reach the regulations. The more emphasis they put on teach, the better outcome it demonstrates.

Last but not the least, the quality of the education likewise depends on the mutual cooperation and interaction. It is the willingness to cooperate rather than the unilateral endeavor that reaches to a progress. Hereby if a student shows no interest in a course, never will the teacher be capable of imposing information on him. There would be massive tortures for both to bear during the class. So in order to make a class more successful, school should focus on how to activate both so as to create a friendly atmosphere.

In a nutshell, only through combining and optimizing all the elements mentioned above would we facilitate the improvement. Rising salaries will motivate teachers but won't really help in a long run.

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