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Commitment and responsibility. Leadership Essay - Leadership skill I posses

Dec 30, 2016   #1
Can anyone help me to check about my leadership esssay? check on the grammar, check on the topic, or whatever, I really appreciate it your help!


Commitment and responsibility

One of leadership skill I posses is commitment. I have consistently shown throughout my relationships and responsibilties to be accountable in both good and bad times. Beyond my commitment for others and my organization, I always finding ways to maximize my own potential professionally and personally. I know how to manage myself and make a reliable commitment without having to be told.

Throughout my life, I have been blessed with the opportunities of being the head project officer of a debating championship in my university. Being the head project officer of the fellow students taught me what leadership is truly all about.

Being one of the few students in my organization, somehow I was elected to be the head project officer of the debating championship committee. At first, I had no idea what I supposed to do since I had never been a leader of any sort before. Moreover, I had to lead the committee consisted of seniors from different majors, faculties, and characters for sure. I had never imagine, me, the youngest woman in the group had to be the leader of this team. Eventually, with the courage from my juniors, I decided that this was a great opportunity for me to challange myself and make my college years memorable.

I faced many difficulties along the way. At first, I was all fired up to success this event. I proposed my ideas about what we should do to success this event to the committees. They aggreed to my ideas and supported it.

Time passed, I found other committees had lost their interest in successing the event. Moreover, they postponed what supposed to be their job and finally I was having a hard time to keep in touch with them.

At first, I was angry with them but then I realized that being angry was not an option if I wanted to success this event. After that, I tried to have more patience in facing them. I tried to be a good listener for them, I listened to what might have been their problem and why they could not do their job properly. In addition, I tried to be not afraid of constructive criticism directed to me about my way of leading everyone in my project team.

Afterwards, aside of leading them in successing this project, I became a problem solver for everyone. I tried to solve the problem of the people in charge for the decoration and design, for the property,for the accomodation, and so on.

Finally, after such efforts, the D-Day came and everything turned out to be successful. I managed to commit and responsible to my role in both good and bad times. Moreover, I managed to lead a group of young people with different characters in successing the event together. I believe that this leadership experience opened new doors to myself as well as to those of m

Holt [Contributor] 1503  
Dec 30, 2016   #2
Dina, kindly provide the complete prompt requirement in your next thread. I need the information so that I can better analyze the content of your essay. At the moment, the response you have written seems to lack focus and a central theme. So I am interested in learning what the prompt requirements are. Once I know what you need to to, I think I will be able to tell you which parts of your essay work or don't work and which parts to keep or delete. The essay has potential, it just needs to be polished in the manner that the prompt requirement provides. We might need to change the way that you discuss your leadership skill to become more of a ideology presentation first, then example based discussion second. I'm not sure of which direction to lead you in at this point. I really need the prompt requirement to be able to do that.
OP hacchani  
Dec 30, 2016   #3
Oh yes, I'm so sorry. Here is the requirement:

"Identify one leadership skill you possess. Describe one time you have been faced with a challenge and had to use this leadership skill to come up with a solution."
Holt [Contributor] 1503  
Dec 30, 2016   #4
Dina, the best way to start off your essay discussion is by revealing to the reviewer what your idea, understanding, or concept of leadership is. Then connect that to a discussion about how commitment is a leadership skill that has to be valued by all people because a leader who does not possess the skill of commitment is not an effective leader. After that, you can launch into the narrative about your leadership time when your resolve to the commitment of your duties was tested.

The essay that you wrote became weak because you did not try to create a definition portion based upon personal experience first for leadership and commitment, if you work on presenting that section before you move on to the narrative regarding the event that you led, then the essay might work better. By the way, don't spend too much time on explaining how you never saw yourself as a leader and other things. Just present your leadership activity, without doubt or exaggeration. Be factual, deliver the necessary points and the essay will be better for it.

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