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As it is commonly understood, people behave towards each other differently depending on situation.

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Jan 25, 2016   #1
Hi I am MAHDI... I will be appreciated if you correct my essay

Nowadays people interact with each other in several ways. Everyone personality has significant impact on behavior in job. To what extend do you agree character affects on relationships people make with co-workers?

As is commonly understood, people behave towards each other differently depending on situation. This has been seen in co-workers relationship specifically that they get their ideas across to each other while huge disparities are existed. It is believed that colleagues characteristics have significant impact on their relationship either incentive or deterrent. This will be proven by analyzing some positive and negative attributes and situations as well.

There are some positive attributes in favor of work habits. Looking first at being volunteer for assignments, all co-workers have opportunity to make out that they are qualified by doing their duties effectively. For example, people who come across as rather quick-witted or trustworthy, always talk their boss into keeping on them. Secondly is being determined, people who are passionate about their career success try to work hard and be more creative. Even if their chief go on at them, because of making mistake, they know how to handle the situation or make up for. These two examples make it clear how personality can guide people to virtue. Thus, there is a bilateral relationship between personality and behavior in job.

On the other hand, some negative traits are existed that cause detrimental effects. Firstly, not being productive. For instance, it is not acceptable to just bring a topic up in conversation or highlight a problem without offering a solution. This example clearly shows the impact of being active in office. Furthermore is being self-confident, there are some people who always talk others out of doing their correct job or take their achievements apart. It is obvious when looking at these examples that due to confidence deficiency everybody gets in trouble.

After analyzing the area of different attributes, it is agreed that personality influence on behavior of people in job directly.

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Jan 25, 2016   #2
Mehdi. you did not discuss the essay in the proper manner. You have created a general opinion essay that indicates a public opinion of the topic presented. The prompt however, was asking you to discuss an extent of agreement or disagreement with the topic provided. There was nothing in your essay that reflected this particular opinion, nor why you have this opinion.

While your line of discussion is correct, the fact that you did not format the essay in the way that the prompt required you to made your whole premise and discussion invalid. So, in an actual test, you should not expect to get a passing score. As I keep telling the other test takers here, once you mess up the restated prompt, it is next to impossible to discuss the topic in the correct manner. Therefore, a mistaken prompt is equivalent to an automatic failure of the test. That is the case with this essay.

I suggest you review the prompt, deliver what it actually seeks in your response, and then repost it here for proper review of your opinion and grammar editing. I would have to help you fix up an essay that would not have passed the actual test.
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Jan 26, 2016   #3
Thank you so much. your responding meant a lot to me. I will definitely work on again. I got your points

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