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Should companies spend more time listening to their own employees, rather than some consultants?

techmicro 1 / -  
Oct 3, 2019   #1

GRE Issue Topic

"All too often, companies hire outside consultants to suggest ways for the company to operate more efficiently. If companies were to spend more time listening to their own employees, such consultants would be unnecessary."

Since inception of consultants in today's era, organizations seek advice from consultants to run more smoothly. However, some people belives that consultants becomes redunant, when companies spent more time in suggestions and advices from work-force. I agree to some extent that prefrence in hiring consultants shound be given more priority.

Firstly, Orginazations seeking higher productivity and effecient working policy requires consultants, as they play major role in the growth of companies. Consulting firms works based on new reseaches and invention in the market. consultants are profound in new marketing strategies, policies and effective planning and strategy.For instance, stanley morgan(renowned consulting firm) works with major multi-national companies for their growth and increasing capabilities in market.

Secondly, Consultants also help organizations in attaining new heights. Consultants helps them to create monoploy in the market. Industries facing tough time situation in market can be booned by a consultant. To exemplify, companies launch new products and services by creating a different organization within itself, to target different category of audience.

Thirdly, advertisement plays a major role in today's technological era. Consultants with the help of media creates innovative and effecient advertisements in paper or digital form to captivate the targeted audience. Consultants helps organization in creating fruitful future by stock listing comapany, to make investors invest in organization.

However, it becomes essential to take suggestion and advices from workers, as they create a huge impact on company. Employees believe that such consulatnts creates burden for the employee. Workforce mental and physical health in working enviorment are denied by consultants. Moreover, there are chances of losing their jobs from the decision of comappany suggested by consultants.

Therefore, employees should only be given priority upto some extent. company hiring a consultants after giving paying hefty amounts, given moore prefrence.Organization is greater benefited from consultants, who is profund in dealing such complicated issues.

Havanle 1 / 3 2  
Oct 3, 2019   #2
Dear Techmicro,

Is it better to clearly identify what consultants are so good about (expertise, vast practical experience handling similar problems in some previous companies). Do similarly for employees. Then, try to work out the special applications/circumstances where it is advisable to use each of them. Kindly note that they can support each other in many cases.

Hope this helps.

Konkhmer12345 3 / 6 3  
Oct 11, 2019   #3
Hi Techmicro,

There are few things I'd like to comments on your essay. First, I've noticed the errors in capitalization in 1st and 2nd paragraph: Organization and consultant (they should be organization and Consultant). Second, it would be attractive to the reader if you could your concluding sentence at the end of body paragraphs to restate the main parts of your ideas.

Hope it's helpful.



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