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Companies use a variety of methods to improve the sales of their products. What are those methods?

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Nov 8, 2021   #1


It is true that there is an increasing number of techniques which enhance the procurement of their merchandise and help those businesses earn huge profits annually.

It is possibly said that advertisement plays a vital role in contributing to the development and reputation of the company. Firstly, in a mobile and fast-paced society, the internet and high-edge technologies take over other media platforms, more and more people seek for products through ads which are displayed on TV or on You Tube. Moreover, TV commercials usually feature well-known actors, singers, or sports stars with the aim to persuade their fan to buy products as people are more likely to believe that those merchandises are endorsed by famous people. For instance, Dior-a lavish brand was revealed that their sales reached an all-time high when they announced Jisoo as their global ambassador, the turnover increased twice as much last year.

On the other hand, online marketing has the propensity for promoting its products to a more ordinary people, those who have an average income. Many companies spend billions dollar on running ads and marketing through social media app. This helps them approach to customers easily and widely as people often surf the internet in their free time, which increase the covet of buying things. Furthermore, consumers tend to be persuaded with truly review which are experienced by customers not KOLs.

In conclusion, each business has their own marketing scheme which can exerted their product popular. Therefore, the power of social media is unpredictable, it is the most convenient and effective tool that can get access to millions of people all over the world.
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Nov 9, 2021   #2
The first paragraph is called the prompt restatement + opinion for a reason. It has to accomplish 2 things:

- Give the author's version of the original topic based on his own understanding. no embellishments such as attestations should be found in this paragraph

- Give direct responses to the provided questions in the form of an opinion.

The author has failed to meet these requirements this paragraph will recieve a failing score in terms of accuracy since move of the expectations were met in the presentation.

The essay completely fails to answer the 2nd question in relation to which method the author feels is the most effective way to promote a product and why. The response to this question should be the main focus of the 2nd paragraph. Each gquestion requirement is part of the discussion body. It is never a part of the conclusion Making the response a part of the conclusion will cause this essay to recieve a failing score due to formatting non-compliance.

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