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whether company move to the rural is a good thing?

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Apr 27, 2020   #1

businesses moving to rural areas

It is cities, especially metropolis, ascribe the acute housing and land shortage and the worsening traffic conditions to the development of businesses. In my opinion,the government takes the action of transforming some enterprises to rural areas can bring more benefits, compared to any disadvantages it might bring.

The obvious argument is that moving the businesses from cities ,which permit high density land use,can provide more space to create well-being living conditions, and many people commute to rural areas, which efficiently alleviate the traffic congestion in rush hours. The companies tend to introduce the sophisticated technologies and afford fancy machines. With a view to stimulating employment and economic growth as the rural areas are poor and more young people work in cities, machines are necessary to substitute for those who have left the workforce to enable ageing workers to continue to do physical labour, which promote output rising.

There are , however, some disadvantages. The drain of professionals because of moving companies may well lead to loss of their benefit as well as decline the core competence. Some technical talents get used to their routine in city. It is obvious that there are more flourishing commercial districts, including offices, theaters and restaurants of cities than that of rural areas,while as far as I am concerned that the government can allocate the budget to infrastructure construction there. Providing more welfare is available for the staff.

In conclusion, it seems to me the businesses moving to rural areas are positive development.<b></b>
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Apr 27, 2020   #2
You should not be offering a personal opinion in an essay that only requires you to discuss the topic in an A/D form. The essay never, not in any prompt section, did it ask you to present an explanation of your personal opinion. This is not an opinion essay, just an A/D essay. So your approach is all wrong. You should not have included this section in the paraphrase section:

In my opinion...

That created a prompt deviation, which made your discussion approach incorrect. The correct format:

- Paraphrase
- Disadvantage
- Advantage
- Reasoning summary

No personal opinion should be indicated anywhere since it was never specified for mention in the original discussion. Make sure you have at least 3 sentences in the reasoning summary. One sentence does not represent a full recap of the topic and discussion elements. You will lose points for inappropriate paragraph presentations.

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