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Compare the advantages and disadvantages of TV, books, radio

meo71 2 / -  
Jan 5, 2012   #1
There is no shadow of doubt that the vast spread of media and telecommunication has facilitated communicating information among people. TV, radio, and books are widely used for that purpose; each has its own advantages as well as its disadvantages.

As a matter of fact that book has been considered as the best friend to human. People can take it everywhere and whenever they want. Moreover, people can rely on it as a valuable source for information. Even with internet book became more available by electronic editions. But for some book is not interesting, even in some countries there is a high percentage of illiteracy, which means book is not convenient for some layers in the society to communicate information; however, it is the basic source of information in scientific fields.

On the other hand radio is an efficient tool to transfer and communicate data and information among citizens, either while driving or sitting on beach relaxing and listening to music. People can utilize from that information in weather, traffic jams, or any other news and materials. Some people argues that most radio's listeners almost are not fully concentrated to what they are listening as most of theme are doing another activity; such as, walking or driving in the same time they are listening to radio. Consequently most of the listened data are lost.

It is clear without say hat; although, TV was invented a century ago, but it highly affected many sides in our life. TV can teach, train, amuse, make fans able to follow sports, and many other uses. That resulted from there are abundance of channels in all fields. TV is everywhere in the home, café, and sometimes in offices. As per a study it was found that visual information can easily tough and remembered than other types of information, as long as with TV we use more than one sense, we concentrate more and it is interesting for all ages either educated or not.

I believe that TV is the most effective tool to communicate information.

farina 11 / 25  
Jan 5, 2012   #2
-Some people argues that most radio's listeners
-but it highly affects many sides of our life
-That is the resultedfrom there areof abundance of channels in allfrom every fields .
-can easily ta ugh and remembered than other types

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