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Compare and contrast essay: The culture of small towns and cities

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May 18, 2020   #1

cities versus the countryside

In a shrinking world, it has become vitally important to recognize and comprehend the concepts of both rural and urban areas once seen as changeable. Improvements in technology and long-distance transportation, along with the rise of the national economy have created a need to identify how society, customs, or even the environment of small towns may be similar or different from cities. Indeed, even though two types of place may differ significantly, frequently enough similarities exist to enable each culture's representatives to find common ground. The rural and urban areas provide a good example of places that entail a lavish lifestyle and have fundamental differences but that still find commonalities.

As many people are aware, there are significant similarities between living in cities and the countryside. In terms of organizing and controlling, both these places have united by the whole apparatus of government. Besides, language seems to be the common means of communication in which both rural and urban areas are using spontaneously. Thus, the aforementioned factors are relatively crucial associating with political concern throughout the flow of innovation today.

Despite the similarities in linguistics, laws, and authorities as well, it is transparently clear that people settling in two places have a distinct lifestyle which becomes a leading cause of choosing where to live. The relationships, for instance, define how close-knit communities the countryside has and how separated surroundings the cities are. Therefore, an ordinate amount of adults tends to abide at these tranquil and peaceful places instead of the hustle and bustle of city life.

Furthermore, a proclivity towards the modern civilization has brought cities much more differences than those small towns. The facilities and constructions have enhanced profoundly by the improvement of technology such as roads, buildings, and public services. Additionally, the variety of transportation during the twentieth century is really conducive to make citizen's life comfortable and convenient compared to difficulties when commuting further from villages. However, although cities can supply adequately all of the incredible services to dwellers, the researchers found that there are a multitude of social problems that should not be underestimated. Dominantly, the population density has increased considerably resulting in some of the pollution such as air, water, or soil. Unlike the countryside, the rate of social crime has regarded burning issues as worthy of consideration occurring in big cities.

All of this being said, there involves multiple differences between living in rural or urban areas in terms of lifestyle or modernity. Nevertheless, the commonalities in other areas, such as language and control of government cannot be ignored. Thereby, it will depend on individual preferences if residents prefer to live for the rest of life.

khanhvnntc 1 / 4  
May 19, 2020   #2
Your essay is very good because your brilliant ideas and vocabularies used in the essay. however, you made some mistakes.
1.abode( not abide)
2.compared to difficulties..( I do not know where is the relative clause used in the sentence)
3.resulting in some...(I do not know where is the relative clause used in the sentence)

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