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Compare and contrast between extroverts people with the introverts' one

laylastella 1 / -  
Jun 7, 2019   #1


In absorbing environments like parties or concerts, there are some people will quickly overload and shut down, whilst others satisfactorily take delight in this space. Basically, based on their personality, a study of 1000 people discovered two kinds of people: introvert and extrovert. So what's an introvert? And what's an extrovert?

Introverts in generally are reserved, self-reflective and thoughtful. They prefer to focus on their own thoughts and feelings. By contrast, extroverts whose interests are directed outward tend to be more outgoing, sociable and talkative. They have an outgoing disposition. There is a significant difference in their behaviors. Extroverts tend to talk more than listen whereas introverts prefer to listen more and talk more concretely. Unlike the extroverts, who love getting attention, the introverts like being alone with things being quiet. In fact, there is nothing better for an introvert than having alone time. Needless to say, they work better alone. Introverted people were headphones or read books frequently to secure their solitude.

One of the main discrepancies between the introverts and the extroverts is the way they interact with other people. For introverts, not only do they dread getting party invites most of the time but actually showing up to a party of strangers can also be their worst nightmare. Likewise, extroverts accept changes easily, whatever changes introverts have to face our challenges. Their process of making friends is virtually nice and slow. Compared to extroverts, introverts just open up to a few people. To put it another way, they have fewer relationships than extroverts, but their bond is really strong. Moreover, introverted people who enjoy one-on-one conversations, have a group of friends and always stick with them, whereas extroverted ones who enjoy group conversations, easily socialize with strangers. When being extremely depressed or exhausted, extroverts gain energy from being around other people. Introverts, on the other hand, need alone time to recharge.

Introverted people and extroverted ones have a highlighting difference in the way they think. The extroverts often think clearly and quickly by basing on the data, authentic statistics. By contrast, introverts have a wonderfully vivid imagination and genuinely creative thinking. Besides, for introverts, they much time to cautiously weigh the pros and cons before making a decision. Conversely, extroverts can take a prompt decision. In terms of concentration, there is a considerable comparison. It is hard to keep extroverts' concentration, they get distracted so easily, while the extroverts can focus deeply for a long time. The bedrooms decorating ideas of these people are also like chalk and cheese. While introverts prefer to choose prominent and colorful decorations, extroverts tend to love simple and ordered ones.

To sum up, there is nothing wrong with you when being an introvert or extrovert. Every personality has strengths and limitations. We need to have a better understanding of their attitude and activity in order not to underestimate or isolate anyone. Besides, if you are a person can balance both extroverted and introverted in your personality, you do not need to be confusing, you are an ambivert. While extroverts are similar to sunflowers which are colorful, hard to get rid of and most often found in the group, and introverts are equivalent to cacti which always stand alone and hoard life-sustaining water within, ambiverts are the combination. They resemble roses, which are lovely and sweet most of the time but can be unexpectedly thorny.

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Jun 8, 2019   #2
Hi there!

Welcome to the forum.

There are a couple of things that I look after when I'm reading content. Firstly, there's minimal repetitions both in structure and meaning. Secondly, there has to be sufficient depth that explores the crevices of a topic in great detail. I have observed in your writing that you have satisfied the latter - still, there's more space for you to work on the first portion of the essay. Moreover, I have noticed that there were portions of your essay that could have been merged in order to create a firmer and more academic tone.

Let's take a look at the second paragraph of the content you have posted here.

... By contrast, extroverts whose ... outward tend to ... talkative. T ; they have ...
... than listen, whereas introverts prefer to listen ... concretely listening over talking. ... like being alone with things being and quiet. ... than having alone time time alone. ..., they work better alone on their own. Introverted people were wear headphones ...

Try to observe the changes I've made and implement them the next time you write.

Best of luck as always.
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Jun 10, 2019   #3
hi @laylastella
there are some grammatical errors in the last paragraph:
nothing wrong with you when being an introvert or extrovert---- should be changed to: nothing wrong with being an inrovert or extrovert

also the essay got really boring in the end, please incorporate more complex sentence structures and examples

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