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Compare and contrast the literate and the illiterate

Papsjay 1 / -  
Apr 16, 2012   #1
It is fact that more and more people in the world today do not want to give lace to illiteracy in their lives. They are, therefore making, every effort to use any means by which they could become literate. They know that it is reading that makes a man. Stakeholders in the book production and distribution know that people hunger after books which they can read and become enlightened. Therefore, prolific writers spend hours at their desk churning out manuscripts which they hand over to printers who eagerly wait to be hired. The printers spend days and sleepless night at their machines in order to get the books printed and published.

Publishers, bookshops and booksellers do all they can to get book for the reading public, they know that a book, like any other economic product or services, does not fulfill its purpose until it reaches the consumer. Published books get to the reader through various means- the major ones being the booksellers. They play the most significant role in book production and distribution.

For instance, constant availability of books for purchase is one of the most important keys to the expansion of the industry. It is the book shop and booksellers who ensure this by providing ready outlets for books. The sale of books is very serious business and many hands are required to make it succeed. Booksellers actively participate in this by giving out complimentary copies of books to generate interest in them. They retail books to prospective readers who may be spread over a wide geographical area.

Booksellers are without doubt, a vital link between publishers and readers. Indeed, publisher do not only serve them as informal channels for marketing their books but also for marketing research to gather data on pricing, writing quality and production specification. In effect, booksellers collect vital and relevant data on the books they sell from readers and relay to the publishers.

Unfortunately in Ghana, there are few book distribution outlets; the majority of them concentrate in Accra and few regional capitals. This makes the services of itinerate booksellers vital in book trade. These mobile vendors make books accessible to people in the rural and economically disadvantaged communities. They exploit the opportunities offered by weekly market days observed by many communities to exhibit, and sell their books. They tend to concentrate on children's books supplementary readers, primers, textbooks, second hand books, revision notes, and comic pamphlets. In other words, a single itinerant seller is a complete bookshop on wheels.

However, these books tend to do some disservice to the industry. A cursory study of their contents shows lack of professionalism in the writing and production of them. There are several infractions - grammatical errors, factual inaccuracies, typographical mistakes, poor cover design and so on. In spite of these, they have a very high patronage. This is because the books are lowly priced and therefore affordable in the market.

Your concern is most appreciated. Thank you
sharadarige 15 / 25  
Apr 17, 2012   #2
the eassy you wrote is good.
I did not find the corelation between the topic which you have mentioned and the essay you have elaborated.
giorgio186 9 / 54  
Apr 17, 2012   #3
Therefore, prolific writers spend hours at their desks churning out manuscripts

These mobile vendors make books accessible to people in the rural and economically disadvantaged communities.

You could emphasise the way that books enrich literate people to make your essay connected with the topic.

I hope it helps.

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