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Compare and contrast essay: Online learning and traditional learning

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Apr 14, 2020   #1

choosing a studying method

Nearly, all people around the world have to be affected by a coronavirus, which has changed everything including education. So the presidents of schools notice that they will change the way to teach from traditional learning to online learning. There are two distinctions between the two teaching methods like instructional materials and flexibility.

One of the most differences between e-learning and traditional learning is instructional materials. Learning through the internet requires learners who have a basic knowledge about technology to use power-point, join online class, or do the assignment on the internet. Moreover, during studying on the internet, learners have to know the graphics which include icons, symbols, photos, and illustrations to support online learning. For instance, students can try and find a way to make animated videos for their online representation and attract modern learners. On the other hand, traditional learning brings to learners some experiences that e-learning is not. First one, when students study at the school, they will chance to come to laboratories, workshops, clinics on the campus. Next, the teachers are easy to observe their students following the content of the lesson, giving them the best instructions through books, notes a direct way. Therefore, instructional materials are the primary difference between online learning and traditional learning.

The online learning and traditional learning distinguish because flexibility which brings for students. With e-learning. Pupils can learn online courses even if they are at home or in the workplace. Wherever they go, or wherever they do, students might also access and complete their assigned projects with a good internet connection. Pupils could control a suitable time to participate in the class more analytical or critical skills in a particular domain. For example, if the student were an internship, she or he can learn the advanced level of JavaScript to be used in programming while doing a job. Traditional learning; however, is not flexible like online learning and making the pupils more difficult to study because of the rigid schedules in colleges and universities. So the students have to arrange their time a suitable way to follow the class. The learners must attend obligatory subjects but they are not convenient. Hence, online-learning is more flexibility than traditional learning

In brief, between online learning and traditional learning individuals should be careful when choosing a studying method. If students need to give a choice, they should choose online learning because it makes many advantages for them.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,933 3567  
Apr 15, 2020   #2
I am not sure if you wrote this as a Task 2 essay or not because you did not include the original prompt in the presentation. As I do not want to make mistake in giving you advice, I will not focus on the format or response method that you have used, in relation to the Task 2 requirements. Instead, I will assume that this has been written as a general English essay writing exercise and focus on your grammar errors instead.

Learn to use less words with a stronger meaning. This will help you develop a more concise writing style. For instance, rather than saying "... have to be affected by...", you could instead say "... must be affected by..." . Uncertainty must always be presented with certainty when writing academic essays. Remember that all introductory elements need a comma after it to show that the pause will introduce the actual discussion topic.In your essay it should have been written as "So, presidents of..."

Punctuation and grammar errors include the misuse of a semicolon:

Traditional learning; = Traditional learning :

Conjunctions always have a comma after it. The reason being that you are connecting 2 thoughts in one sentence. Hence:
obligatory subjects, but they...

There are several other errors in the essay but, these are are all repetitions of the errors I mentioned here. You will do well to review your English writing rules and remember to follow these rules the next time you write an essay. In case you are preparing for the IELTS test, please let me know next time so that I can give a more applicable review for your work.
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Apr 15, 2020   #3
Thanks so much. I wrote this essay like a general English essay writing, I just wanna practice before I will write an essay in the final test

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