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Compare the influence between parents and friends on teenagers

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Sep 21, 2019   #1

the effects of parents and peers on youngsters

The discrepancies between the effects of parents and peers on teenagers is pronounced when it comes to school performance, and they deserve rigorous scrutiny. Firstly, it is noted that better academic performance in juveniles is directly attributed to parental support and stimulation. Dusek as cited by Gacia (2006), claimed that parents are likely to play the influential role in youngsters' stance regarding their education. That not only do parents stimulate an academic atmosphere at home but they also generally associate with their teachers is contributors of teenagers' high educational outcomes. (Dr. Bettina Joyce P. IIagan, 2013-2014). On the other hand, teens are increasingly prone to prioritize socializing with their friends rather than pay more attention in school work. According to Veronneau, Vitaro, Pedersen & Tremblay (2008), it is undeniable that the existence of the adolescent- uneducated friends bond is correlated with their academic failure. Another similar finding researched by Nelson and DeBacker (2008) points out that it poses a host of negative influences to children's school performance should they are as a part of poor quality peer group. ( Lisette T. Jacobson, MPA, MA, PhD(c) & Charles A. Burdsal, PhD).

Albeit with some superficial distinction, parents' influence on juveniles bear much resemblance to peers' in terms of personality in both positive and negative way. To begin with, examples of good behavior of parents and friends contribute to reinforce teenagers' well-being. Firstly, the role of parents in establishment of children's positive traits is highly significant. In the view of Doug Hewitt, Children tend to perceive their parents as the basis for behavior to emulate. Therefore, it is of importance for parents to display good manners in life. Moreover, the close connection between teens and parents stimulate the feeling of both respectful and being respected, which may prevent them from the emotional issue including disgrace, resentment and discomfiture. In the same way, peers, as cited by Kwame S. Sakyi,1 Pamela J. Surkan,1 Eric Fombonne,2 Chollet,3,4 and Maria Melchior (2014), make substantial contribution to improve adolescents' socializing skills. The consequence of socialization brought about by the relatedness to friends group promote a sense of importance, confidence as well as cordiality in teens, which is supposed to mediate the problematic issue in a child's cognitive development.

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Hey, welcome. As I always tell others, I hope this feedback becomes helpful for you. Don't hesitate to come around the forum consistently and provide feedback to others as well! This will be helpful for all of us simultaneously.

Before I proceed, giving us a briefing of what this essay is for would certainly help us assess the level of formality and quality that we are looking for. If you can do this, it would give your essay leverage in being assessed with as much fervor as possible.

First and foremost, considering that (I am assuming) you are using APA citations, try to minimize the overall cluttering of references. This not only pertains to the formatting of writing them and including them into the text; rather, this should also include the usage of the appropriate amount of citations. To give you a glimpse, it is critical to have at least one (and a maximum of two) in one paragraph. This will pave way for you to have a more secured understanding of the text.

Furthermore, the latter portions of the text require a bit more formulated organization. Structure is critical when you're working with this much information. I suggest that you take advantage of this to the fullest extent possible.

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