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compare team sports and individual sports

daini219 1 / -  
Sep 23, 2010   #1
I will so much appreciate if you guys help my tofle essay.!

Compare advantages of both team sports and individual sports, I think team sports has fun and could learn various abilities while we play the sports game with others.Individual sports also has advantages specially in part of convenience.

Firstly,when we play certain sports with others,it will give us more fun.we could talk and share our emotions during the game.Regardless of result of sports game,when we share our excited feeling with people,enjoyment could be double than it could feel by oneself.

In addition,team sports make us to know lots of abilities.(can i use 'let'? like this. team sports make let us know lots of abilities)For instance, relationship,cooperation,balance and adapting etc.

As we doing sports as a team,we need to connect with them and should help each of our teammate.so natually we could develop our abilities that i mentioned above.

On the other hands,enjoying individual sports also has merit.there is no limitation about time and place. For the team sports game,you need to arrange your teamate's time plan and should decide the place where you play.in turn,team sports need more intricated process to enjoy.However, if you just doing sports by yourself,there is no bothering option that you prepare before.you could be free from time and place limitation more than team sports.Furthermore,you don't need to doing which you don't want to do.under circumstance of teamsports, sometimes someone should sacrifice for whole team.for instance,assume you are one member of soccerteam, you could get certain position that you mind to do and should follow team's rule.consider these reasons,individual sports is more easy to enjoy.

In my case,i would like to participate teamsports rather than selfsports.even though there are some preparation for doing sports with otherpeople,team sports has more fun in my point of view

since i really like to share my exciting feeling with my friends.and these kind of expirence will remain in my mind as good memory.teamsports is not just excersice but also precious expirence which will remain one's life.so i prefer to doing sports as a team.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Sep 26, 2010   #2
"Let" is okay. "Enable" is better.
In addition,team sports make enable us to know lots of abilities. --- actually it is best to do this:
In addition, playing team sports helps us to develop lots of abilities.

Capitalize the first word of each sentence!
...each of our teammate. So, naturally we could develop our abilities that I mentioned above.

2 m's...
arrange your teammate 's time plan and should decide the place where you play.

In turn,team sports need be more intricate processes for us to enjoy.

Even though some preparation is necessary for doing sports with other people,team sports involve more fun in my point of view.


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