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About comparing between our parents lives and our lives

tota08 1 / -  
Mar 7, 2012   #1
When it is comes in mind anyone that asked to compare between the life of our parents and our live , he will directly think about the advantages and dis advantages of both lives. So according to me I would see the two lives are different in many things like in technology and education. But on the other hand there is advantage both of them have the human personality.

To begin with, the technology is the most important thing that control our lives. In the time of our parents or even the time in our grandparents they were using a simple devices to travel between place and another, may be they took a long time to travel from on state to another , especially there were nothing like fast trains or developed cars . Now in our days for instance we have long branchs of trains and unique cars that offer a great opportunities to ease the travel between countries.

Furthermore, the education develop every day with high speed that we couldn't control it, Now in our days we can see different kind of universities with variety of technology and variety of studying materials. All that was very difficult to get it in our parents life , they were may be have one or two colleges that hae specific studies information for example my father was telling me always about his college that have one small library with limited books and they were couldn't search easily about what they want, he told me you are very lucky to have a different libraries with variety of books in you college.

Besides that, the two lives are different but they have one important thing they can share it is the human personality. In each time we live the human behaviors cannot change all of us have the kindness and love that could not change with time according to my personal example: my father and my mother loves me and she is caring about me all the time, and that also happened with me also loving my children and care about them.

To sum up with all above, the lives we are living developed very fast. The changing occurs with technology and with education, but still we have one unique thing which the human behaviors. According to that I would see living in our has many advantages and give us a great opportunities to enjoy all these varieties.

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