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Comparison of people from various age-group in Someland and their leisure time

ximverli07 1 / -  
Sep 18, 2015   #1
The illustrations below shows the number of hours of leisure time per year that people from various age-group in Someland have.

The table gives information about the length of hours of spare time annually that the people in Someland from different age brackets have. The study includes the hours of time and the list of different activities.

In data, teens and the 70s spend more time tuning in for television programs or videos with 1,200 and 1,100 hours respectively compare to the other groups with less than a thousand. For the 30s, socializing to 4 or less people are the mot favorable free time activities that has 300 hours, on the other hand, teens and 20s are interacting more with 4 or more people with both have 359 hours per year over the others with below 250 hours. The most popular activities to pass a time for ages 30s and 40s is the individual exercise with 200 hours, differently to other age class under 150 hours. The teens consume a 450 hours in group exercises and sports higher than among the other ages with under 400 hours and going to Cinema with 100 hours that prominent than the other ages with lower than hundred hours.

One may conclude that, the activities spend by the people of Someland varies according to their age group.
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Sep 18, 2015   #2
@ximverli07 I don't have clear understanding of your figures as I don't see the tables. However, in the first paragraph describe the topic sentence briefly. then go for details and finalize with summary.

Here are some of my comments

..spend more time watching ... compared to ... thousand hours . ... socializing with ... the most .

The most popular activities for entertainment for ...
Teens consume 450 hours in group exercises and practice more than others . (This statement is confusing, please try to make it simpler)

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