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A complain letter about poor service, problem with ordered food, steps to satisfy your needs

HanNguyen0510 18 / 40 17  
Aug 21, 2018   #1

Write an email to the restaurant manager

(150-200 words):
-State what problems you had with the food ordered
-Complain about the service
-Describe how you want the restaurant to solve the problem to your satisfaction.

Dear Ms. /Mr. Manager
I wish to express my dissatisfaction about the food quality and customer service at your restaurant last night.

I had made a reservation before I arrived in order to be served immediately. My order was a smoke BBQ chicken, dark meat with a side of chicken soup. I was impressed by how the fantastic food decoration was. It would have been a perfect dinner if the soup had not been sour and cold. I was unable to eat it and I brought the issue to one of the staff members. He showed up with a drowsy face, pulled my soup off the table without saying a single word. His lack of empathy for my issue made me furious. This was my first experience at the restaurant and it appeared awkwardly to me.

I am unsure that whether you are aware of the problem. I am making a demand on obtaining compensation from the restaurant for the poor service that I encountered. I would like to suggest that I am provided credit equal to the amount that I paid. I enclosed a copy of my bill in this email as a proof of my visit at your restaurant.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,211 3650  
Aug 22, 2018   #2
Han, this letter does not appropriately express the situation that led to your dissatisfaction with the food service. You see, when you make a reservation at a restaurant, that only assures you of a place or table assignment upon your arrival. It does not have anything to do with the way the food was prepared. However, if you called in your reservation with a food order in advance, then the food should have been served immediately upon your arrival.

Regarding the food quality, aside from saying the soup was sour and cold, you should have indicated a familiarity with the food order by describing how your order is normally served at other restaurants. What is the taste of the soup that you normally eat? What flavor were you expecting? That comparison sentence would have proven that you were indeed served a bad bowl of soup. The way you described it, you should have indicated that the soup was "spoiled" or not fit for eating.

As for the staff member, the letter should have indicated what unsatisfactory solution the staff member offered if at all after taking your soup from the table. That would have satisfied the requirement for requiring compensation in your letter.

Your closing statement is too harsh for a complaint letter. You must indicate an openness to a discussion and a satisfactory resolution for both parties. Don't demand compensation. Instead, offer to discuss avenues of resolution with the manager and give your contact details. That is how a proper complaint letter is formed.

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