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Comprehending communication relies on cultural mastery of the local language.

dils 20 / 33 2  
Oct 27, 2016   #1
Writing Task 2-Understanding the culture by speaking the language

Culture is a complex heritage that runs in the blood across generations, it includes the way individuals communicate, this terms leads to the opinion in which individual may only understand what the others talk about if they understand the language. Relating this issue, I stand on the line that comprehension in communication not only relies on cultural mastery of that local language.

Being connected with the people is not merely about language itself, there are several instruments within individuals that allow us to engage in. Firstly, as a remarkable creature, human nature enables individuals to recognize expressions. Research shows that expression is a universal media across all the cultures around the world that gives occasion to get the meaning of someone's feeling. Furthermore, there is also cross culture intelligence, according to the review of some literatures, this kind of intelligence brings the individuals have the ability to aware and notice other cultures manner without have to be a part of it.

In addition, it is something generally admit that it is very hard to understand the culture of a country as a whole package, it is due to the numerous of local languages and cultures exist. For example, in Indonesia every region has local tradition and particular language to communicate. However, this is not making a relational problem, because this varies result in a national language. Therefore, even though the people come from different background they still can contact each other.

In conclusion, as there are myriads of cultures in each country, it does not become a boundary to get along. Concerned with this, preserve the cultural components is beneficial regarding that contrastive tradition teach us to fully functioning in appropriate way to appreciate the diversity.

nda18 46 / 81 9  
Oct 27, 2016   #2
Hi Ms. Dils
this is my review for the first paragraph of your essay

... the way individuals communicatecommunication , this terms leadslead to the opinion in ...
RelatingRelating to this issue, (...) that comprehension incomprehending communication not only relies on ... (after 'not only', you have to add 'but also....' ).

help mine to :)
Yonathan 46 / 65 5  
Oct 27, 2016   #3
Hi Dils
Let me give you some correction

... that runs in the human blood across (...), this termsterm leads to the opinion ...

... nature enables individuals to recognizerecognise expressions.
... according to the review of some piece of literatures, this kind (...) and notice other culturescultural manner without have ...

However, this is not makingtriggered a relational problem,..

... teach us to fully functioning in (an) appropriate way ...

Thank you...

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