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Compulsory Service and why is Necessary in the U.S.

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Nov 5, 2014   #1
Have you ever heard the term compulsory service? What about the term 'the Draft'? In today's world the draft is not an uncommon term. However compulsory service is. Essentially they are the same thing only with a slight difference. The draft is a mandatory service where those who are selected are based on a random selection, such as your birthday. The draft was in effect from World War Two through the end of Vietnam. Compulsory service however is not based upon random selection. Compulsory service would be an everyday, all year long thing. It would also be in place rather or not there is a conflict going on. Currently here in the US citizen's have a volunteer military service. So why is compulsory service better than voluntary service? Voluntary service is the choice to enter into the military for a deemed about of time.

So why is compulsory service so important? A stronger military means a better protected country. In a world surrounded by war, America should have a strong military. The US has been at war since before the country was officially founded. The US was founded in 1776, and since then the US has only had roughly 80 years where it was not involved in a conflict. That is roughly 150 years America has spent in some sort of conflict, rather it be at war with another territory in the US or with another country. It is much better to have a stronger army over a weak and defenseless army. Over the last few years there have been several cutbacks in the military. So now more than ever America's citizen's need to strengthen its armed forces.

How will compulsory service benefit the United States? By putting a compulsory service into effect, America would be fixing so much wrong within the country, from changing and lowering unemployment rates to promoting healthier lifestyles. Having a compulsory military service in effect would also help to eliminate issues such as employers not wanting to hire a veteran for worries of PTSD, healthcare, and other welfare issues.

With more than 316 million people in the United States and a growing number every day, unemployment remains a constant issue. While it does fluxuate from high to low, it is still a problem. With more and more people migrating to the US and students graduating from high school and college there just aren't enough jobs. There is really a simple solution. Compulsory military service would create more jobs for those that are just coming from a schooling institution or those migrating to the US seeking a new home and citizenship. In the United Arab Emirates Compulsory service was responded to well because it would provide more work for the youth.

A compulsory military service would also benefit unemployment after the military. During ones compulsory service they would obtain skills that they may not have been able to obtain in the real world without years of school and thousands of dollars spent. This would also benefit those who cannot afford to attend school without taking out several loans and grants for school. By being in the military, one would have access to benefits such as the GI Bill. This would help to eliminated thousands of dollars in student debts.

In today's society so many are seeing more and more employers turn away veterans from jobs because they have prior military service. Some feel that they may have PTSD or some other reason they shouldn't hire them. While it is illegal to blatantly state they will not hire for reasons of being a veteran, most states do not have to give a direct reason as to why they will not hire someone. So to eliminate the issue of not hiring someone because of their military status having a compulsory service is important. If all of the potential candidates being hired have a prior military status then that would eliminate discrimination on veterans.

As well as creating more jobs for the US and its citizens it would also positively stimulate the economy. As citizen's have all noticed when the unemployment rates began to rise in the US the frivolous spending stopped. When the money stopped coming into things like entertainment, eating dinner in a restaurant as opposed to home more and more companies began to close. With more jobs and more money for people to spend, companies have a stronger chance of surviving, thus more jobs.

What about those that are unable to enlist in the military due to a physical limitation. Take for instance those who are born with a deformation. Say for example their arm was not fully formed. How would are they able to take part in a compulsory military service? There are other national service that they can take part in for a certain amount of time, such as the Veterans Affairs Health Care system. Those with physical limitations aside from a mental handicap could work with the VA in order to care for those that are still waiting for health care. That alone will handle two issues. It would also give those who are working within the VA a chance to learn a new skill such as nursing without the years of schooling.

As well as working for the VA those who are unable to enlist into a unit of the military that would require good physical health there are still those units that handle work such as clerical and technical work. Those that are physically unable to perform in a combat unit may be better skilled in a Clerical or IT field. Again this would provide those people with skills that they would not need as much schooling for. This would clear up more spaces for those who are more physically able to work in the field to do so.

However having a compulsory service would benefit the US in helping to fight physical conditions as well. So much of America is battling conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart conditions and so on. Most of this is due to high fat intake and little to no exercise. When you are in the military you learn self control and discipline. When it comes to eating and exercise the military encourages healthier eating and more exercise. Now granted why compulsory military service may hurt the fast food industry in this aspect, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. More control and better eating habits combined with excursive such as outdoor activities over video games, will help to fight problems such as type two diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Compulsory service would also benefit the countries citizens through mental conditioning. So many issues are a mind over matter issue. Through the military, mental conditioning and toughness would help everyone gain a better perspective on pain. This could lead to the use of less narcotic pain killers. As Stew Smith said in his article "Mental Toughness,"

"The truth is the human body is built for survival and will adapt to better handle cold, heat, stress, pain and just about anything you can throw at it"

Not only would compulsory military service benefit a physical appearance and a mental change in one, but it would also benefit ones personality. As most of you have seen over the years our youth has gone from "yes ma'ams and no sirs" to swear words and complete disrespect. There is no longer respect for elders and along with respect chivalry went out the door. If compulsory service were to be in effect, our youth would learn what respect is. Being in the military not only teaches you how to be more mature and responsible but it would teach our youth what respect is. With compulsory military service America could have a generation of respectful youth once again.

As citizens there is a duty to our country. More than just exercising the rights, freedoms and liberties that being a citizen provides. Citizen's have a duty to stand up and defend our country. So many citizens do not see it that way though. So many citizens now days feel as though they have been owed something, but that isn't the truth. Yes most American's work hard and yes American's pay taxes, but what about the unemployed that receive benefits? They are receiving hundreds of tax payers' dollars for things such as food, to waste on junk food and energy drinks. Why should those that are doing nothing to earn those benefits receiving them? As a citizen you should do something such as compulsory military service to be able to access those benefits.

The reasons listed above are just a few of the many important reasons for having a compulsory military service. While voluntary service is great and shows patriotism towards your country, it does not solve any of the issues listed above. With compulsory service citizens could change the direction our country is headed in. America would have a more respectful youth, a healthier country, lower unemployment rates and better benefits to offer our fellow citizens. Not only can american's offer those things but they would have a more positive financial situation and they would be a stronger more defended nation.

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Nov 5, 2014   #2
Tia, the essay is good, but it centers on only one reason for the need or benefit of compulsory military service in the U.S. There are actually a number of other facets that you can discuss which would further establish the benefits of compulsory service aside from economic and mental conditioning benefits. One of the main reasons that compulsory military service would benefit the United States is because it would help to build the character and leadership skills of the youth. These days, the young people think themselves too economically privileged and above certain menial jobs that they need to be taught how the other side lives. This is something that can be learned through compulsory service. It helps to rebuild character and discipline in the young which they can carry with them into the civilian world, after the completion of their service. You could have taken a look back at the history of the United States, whose hey day as a super power was developed during the time when the young men of the country were drafted into service. Their future presidents, economic leaders, and other important leaders had something that helped them develop their skills, military service. All of them were bred to become future leaders with an eye towards the future during the time that the draft was in effect. By using some of the good points that were established by the draft, you could have given more varied reasons to support the compulsory military service at present. Do some research, you will see that there are more than just 2 basic points that can provide excellent reasons for the return of the draft or compulsory military service.

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