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Computers: another tech innovation that u think in important in international society

deepa21 5 / 12  
Nov 21, 2011   #1
With no doubt computers are have changed the way the nations interact with each other in international society .
The major communication that is changed by help for computer is international mail.
for example before the widespread use of computers , a letter from US to any other country would take a week to reach .
I recall it would cost about $10 and the same amount of money would used by a family for its 1 weeks grocery.
Now with help of computer mail can be delivery in no time virtually without any cost.

Another way computers have affected inter nation communication is in a ways people assemble together for meetings and conference.
Before the introduction of computer technology people had to travel to distant locations for their conference and meeting or traings.
The travel time would be tens times the time of the meeting. But now with the teleconferencing things have become so simple that people from various countries can attend the meeting.

They connect to the same meeting by means of satellite to the central conference call.
They can see each other on large screens while interacting from multiple sites around the world .
After the initial one time investment in the equipments the company can save its cost by saving the cost of the travels budgets

Finally computers have influenced the language communication around the world .
Although english was popular language before the advent of internet now its become more useful.
As people from different countries have different languages are now communication is a common language english.
So to be connected in international market English has become the second language.

Computers have changed the ways nation communicate with each other to send inter nation mails , to attend the world meeting and
to communicated with different from different sites on common platform .
They have made it easier, cheaper and faster to exchange information .

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