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Computers among the best inventions over centuries

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Jul 21, 2021   #1

Essay about advantages of computers

Hitherto, people often believe that the computer is the most significant creation of the last hundred years. This seems to be a sound argument to me and I firmly agree with this opinion, justifications are as follows.

There is a wide array of reasons that account for the magnitude of computers, but the most prime one is that these technological features are excellent in functioning and analyzing data, which improve the performance of scientific research as well as statistics. In the past, these tasks were totally accomplished by humans. As a result, this work produced a huge amount of work for accountants and statics staff. As the quantity of information and figures rose gradually following the development of technology and industry, people could hardly get through this job rapidly and precisely. But nowadays, with the help of computers' versatility, all the things that we have to do is just inserting numbers and other stuff and let the computer work its own business.

The second reason is that computers are extraordinary storage for videos, images, and many other kinds of documents, there is no restriction of data that we can put in. To clarify it in a better way, back in the 90s, if a person had a decision to listen to music while reading, he would have to bring both a book and an MP3. This seems to become unconventional in the last 10 years, in which people usually bring just a laptop that includes everything they need.

In conclusion, there are many important inventions which extremely help us in many aspects of our lives. However, with those aforementioned benefits, computers can be supposed to be the best inventions over centuries.
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Jul 22, 2021   #2
Is the writer presenting a case in court? Perhapsdebating someone? Task 2 essays rely on everyday English words for its explanation.There is an emphasis on "everyday English words". Task 2 essays are witten simple discussions. Exaggerated and inapplicable word usage does not help the word usage or grammar accuracy score. Rather, it lessens the scoring ability of the paragraph due to the misuse of words. The over- exaggerated, yet missing a thesis statement opening presentation is inefficient in terms of creating a base score for the essay.

The writer is knowledgable on the topic but tends to keep talking for the sake of word count. He sacrifices the quality of the discussion in the process. The writer has the wong scoring priorities. His paragraphs all not complex sentences but run-on presentations. He needs to simplify his presentations in a manner that best suits the scoring requirements. The conclusion in particular, falls short of the reverse paraphrase requirement.

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