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'computers and machines are the best inventions' - TOEFL

Ibrik 2 / 1  
Aug 11, 2012   #1
Most people prefer working with people than with machines.
There are host of occupations that we can choose, but we ought to be sure that we choose the best occupation for us due to the fact that only one profession is exactly approached for us. Occupations mostly divided in two groups. First group is a list of occupations where we should have computer knowledge and the second list where we mostly work with people. In my opinion occupation where we primarily use machines is much better since computers are able to give the exact counting.

Occupations like engineering, science and professions similar to it have to have the exact indications for building big stores. Moreover, while working, computers do not distract us from our job and that is why we would be able to finish all our projects on time.

On the other hand this kind of job might be boring for some of people since they do not meet any people and could not share their ideas or ask questions related to their job. Surely, mutual grasps among people are always useful, but in my opinion computers are giving us an opportunity to have access to exact counting and that nullifies the meaning of statement above.

For most employees computers are indispensable due to the fact that in today's scenario computers are playing an essential role in our lives. For example: It seems like students do not have to use computers, but internet access is always needed. And even sportsmen are using internet for discovering beautiful sites of the city which they are travelling to. Furthermore drivers are in need of GPS for knowing where they are located, for knowing if there is a traffic jam or not.

Computers are not just made for calculations, finding out the destination of your relatives and your friends, but also for communicating with them. With the help of computers we are sharing our emotions with friends that are living in different continents, countries; we can communicate with them even if they are on a spaceship. Consequently, computers and machines are the best inventions of mankind and can be used for increasing your knowledge, world view and for getting higher status in your career.

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