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Computers make some jobs easier.

hafidgg 6 / 11  
Jun 5, 2012   #1
hello , please correct me.

Computers make some jobs easier

Few things have as much effect on our world as the computer. With the invention of computers several things in our lives, which were impossible or difficult to be performed become possible and easier. This device facilitates our lives and makes it enjoyable and much easier than it was, despite some drawbacks. This essay is an attempt to cast light on how the computers make some jobs easier.

So many products would not be in the market; in large quantities and low price if there were not computers. These products need precise calculations and skilful competences which human being can not do easily, especially if we consider the fact that we need huge number of them and also the fact that people would not afford to buy them if they are expensive. Computers on the other side can do the job easily. Suffice it to enter the data and the computer can fulfil the calculations in short time. Mass media and jobs like teaching and accounting topped the jobs that become highly developed and easier thanks to the invention of the computer.

Without computers television programmes wouldn't be easy to be produced in as good quality as they are today. Computers treat pictures smartly and adjust the voice, making it fits each situation. Concerning newspapers and other forms of writing, it is plain that typing long newspapers' articles is a work that needs tremendous time and efforts using old methods; however, typing in a computer is less frustrating and much enjoyable. Education is for sure the engine of a society. It has being benefited lot from the emerge of the computer. Students can save as much information as they life in their computers without any need to look for copy-books and coloured pens. Computers offer mise en page in different styles and colours. It doesn't take much time to write, make in a good form and save the data. Teachers also can prepare their lessons and save them easily.

The computers offer mathematical operations and make it easy for the accountants to enter the data, read it and interpret it. By using the enterprises, the heads of the enterprises save time and money. They needn't to travel far away and wait a long time to know what is happening in different departments of their companies. The central computer device enables them to see the information they want, whenever they need them. Without computers they have to spend much money and time on numerous files and documents they have to write and be careful to place them where they can find them when they need them. This obviously requires much space, time, money and hard work.

By and large, computers facilitate our lives, offering opportunities that make many jobs easier. Even though the fact that computers have got some negative aspects, I believe their advantages outweigh their drawbacks.


OP hafidgg 6 / 11  
Jun 7, 2012   #2
To Anthony Nguyen:

thanks lot.

May u please tell me the uses of suffice ? and also when to put THAT instead of WHICH?
If possible please I want to understand this :
difficult to perform instead of to be performed .
is there rules _?
EF_Susan - / 2,365 12  
Jun 7, 2012   #3
My input is that as far as grammar is concerned with an "esl" student, as long as you get your message across adequately, then I feel grammar is unnecessarily a thing to fret too much over. Especially with English as your second language! The other necessary editing has been done, I just felt that was an important thing to keep in mind. Good job and good luck!
OP hafidgg 6 / 11  
Jun 8, 2012   #4
thanks indeed Anthony Nguyen. I am Moroccan and my first language is Amazigh (= Berber)/ Arabic is the second and french is the third; yet, I prefer Amazigh and English to all.

I am just trying to be good in writing essays and I hope u can always help me. Thanks again

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